The Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Utensils |
This Is Why You Should Be Using Wooden Kitchen Utensils

This Is Why You Should Be Using Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Woodn't you like to know?

Written by –
Stephie Woods
on June 21st 2018
Stephie Woods is a freelance writer at Honest Product Reviews. She spends hours per day both tasting and reviewing food, and loves to do so while working from home. Stephanie worked as a content producer for various media companies before leaving the corporate world to go independent. She enjoys balancing her schedule with her passion for the simpler things in life.

Over the past 50 years, metal kitchen tools have become the trend du jour in the kitchen world owing to their efficiency and cost. Yet in recent years, you may have noticed a gradual shift to the use of wooden kitchen tools. Sure, style and aesthetics are a couple of the main reasons for this subtle switch. But there are various practical reasons for the movement as well. Here are a few that I’ve discovered.

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They Bring Out Flavor

A gourmet Italian pizza is the perfect meal after a long day of work. And there’s simply no replacement for the wood fired flavors and fresh dough that materialize from using wooden tools to bake and serve your pizza.

Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Acacia Wood Salad Servers by Bloomingville |

Ultimately, it’s the aroma of food that amplifies the enjoyment of our meal. The wooden tools create a nostalgic aroma that takes us back to the more traditional days of cooking. Wooden kitchen tools help your kitchen to smell like home, family, and something terrific and familiar all at once.


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They’re Safe

When metal or plastic is immersed in a scalding hot substance, it can melt and become a significant ingredient in your food. Best case scenario means that your food may taste bad. Worst case scenario is a potential risk to your health.

Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Wooden Kitchen Tong Set by BOBZYXL |

The last thing you want is for plastic residues to become a large part of your family’s diet. Wooden cooking appliances can eradicate this problem completely, and are one of the primary reasons that they’re starting to become popular again.

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They’re Comfortable To Use

Cooking can involve a lot of hot surfaces and appliances. You want to avoid your skin being in contact with these surfaces both for safety and for comfort. Wooden appliances keep you from having that problem since they don’t retain much heat at all.  

Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Acacia Wood Spurtle Set by Lamplight Kitchen Co. |

Personally, I love using wooden kitchen tools alongside some of the more modern kitchen appliances. With an Instant Pot for example, the only work required for a lot of recipes is the occasional stir of the pot’s ingredients. But metal utensils can quickly capture too much heat when immersed in the pot for more than 20-30 seconds. On the other hand, you can leave a wooden spoon on the side of the pot and not have to worry so much about being burnt while you’re cooking.


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They’re Economical

Plastic tools may cost less than wooden tools on average, but they melt quickly and have a significantly shorter lifespan.

Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Bamboo Salad Hands by Totally Bamboo |

These days, you can buy wooden spatulas, chopping boards, and rolling pins, and they’ll all last you for over a decade if you take care of the equipment. Since the demand for metal kitchen appliances these days is so high, wooden tools are actually similar from a price perspective.


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They Don’t Rust

Your kitchen might strive to have a nice rustic feel, but that doesn’t mean your kitchen tools should be rusty. 

Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Marble and Acacia Wood Cheese Board by ELFRhino |

If you’re too tired to wash your dishes after a delicious meal, wooden tools can be placed in a bowl of water to soak, and they won’t rust at all (which is not the case with metal tools). They also don’t really need a dishwasher because they’re so easy to rinse out and dry under the sun.


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They Are Environmentally Friendly

Wooden spoons last for decades, and can be easily spruced up with a bit of sandpaper and some mineral oil. One of the advantages of wood is that when this material finally meets the end of its kitchen lifespan, it’s biodegradable or you can use it for kindling.

Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Wood Leo Potato Masher by Berghoff |

Another solution to otherwise wasted wooden spoons, is that they make great soil markers. You can write or paint on them to remind yourself what you planted in your garden.


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They Accentuate Your Home

If your kitchen tools have some sentimental value, then you can use them as decoration around the house. Wooden appliances have an antique looking feel, perfect for giving your home that kinfolk look.

Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Beech Wood Spaghetti Server by CASASUNCO |

The rustic look is in these days, so old pieces need not go to waste. Simply use a lick of paint to transform those wooden appliances into works of art for your bedroom or living room.  


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Which do you prefer to use in the kitchen – metal or wooden cooking utensils? Let us know in the comments!


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