Alterations and Additions Breath New Life to 1980s Home |
Alterations and Additions Breath New Life to 1980s Home

Alterations and Additions Breath New Life to 1980s Home

Striking extension in Australia's suburbs

Sharon Cheng
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Sharon Cheng
on July 19th 2019
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Bo Wong via Bowerbird

Stylish, and modern – in this something we’d connect to a house from the 1980s? This project is a home in the suburbs Perth, Western Australia. A simple structure was given a striking extension, fitting a new garage and storage space to the home.

Master bedroom in Australian home |

Simple sleek finishes with gorgeous materials make it feel modern and fresh – you may not even realize that actually the house has existed since the 1980s. Designer Philip Stejskal was tasked with creating the new look. Using the warm tone of wood and neutral colors, the design team created a nice and comfortable environment.

Corridor with view to the fencing extension from Solomon Street home |


We are in no danger of a dingy hallway with both the illumination of skylight and the lighting at foot-level in this stepped corridor. Using the pure white to bounce the light, a simple yet effective combination is created.

Wicker chairs on the patio area in surburban home in Australia |

The Atmosphere

Along with the extension is a new patio. Adding a few window seats gives the house a cozy and homey space for spending leisure time. This is the perfect area for a coffee and a book, right outside the master bedroom.


The black and white colors for the home’s outward appearance is similar to the bungalows often seen in places like Singapore, with a modern take.

Solomon Street home with garage and master bedroom extension |

The structure was clad in supersix fencing, giving it a completely classic look. The walls ends up directing some of the other shapes of the home, forming the end of the corridor and adding space to the master bedroom.

Extension to Australian suburban home |
Solomon Street bathroom |

The bathroom design is sleek and simple, the pop of red and rectangle of wood are like a Mondrian composition in their boldness.

Bedroom and corridor view |

Let us know what you think of this renovation project and its striking extension.


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