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6 Ways to Elevate Your Halloween Pumpkin

6 Ways to Elevate Your Halloween Pumpkin

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Written by –
Jess Ng
on October 6th 2017
Born and raised in the UK, Jess is NONAGON’s resident historian turned marketer turned writer, drawn to Hong Kong by the lure of dim sum breakfasts and bustling city life. A foodie who loves to cook, food occupies 70% of her brain 90% of the time. When not eating, Jess can typically be found buried in a book or obsessing over making NONAGON’s Instagram #feedgoals.

Cue the candy, costumes and cobwebs! Scaring season is almost upon us, and with it comes holiday decor and spooky DIYs galore. From ghost pinatas to skull-strewn tablescapes, there’s no shortage of ways to get your home Halloween-ready. My favorite All Hallow’s Eve accessory has to be the humble Jack O’Lantern – the ultimate icon of Halloween.


Of course, Halloween pumpkins are not without their faults. There’s that whole matter of carving, for one. And orange isn’t exactly the easiest hue to work into an existing color scheme. That’s why this year I’m advocating for a break with tradition with no-carve pumpkins in unexpected shades and patterns. Read on for six ways to elevate your Halloween pumpkin this year.


The Minimalist Pumpkin

Calling all minimalists – it’s time to unleash your inner Jackson Pollock.

Minimalist Jackson Pollock-inspired Halloween pumpkin idea | NONAGON.style

These thoroughly modern paint splattered pumpkins are perfectly in keeping with that whole back-to-basics aesthetic. What’s more, the actual creation process, as detailed by Amy from Homey Oh My, couldn’t be easier – all you need is paint!

The Quirky Pumpkin

Halloween is all about dressing up in disguise, making this pumpkin turned burger a stroke of bona fide genius.

Quirky burger Halloween pumpkin idea | NONAGON.style
image source

Simply use tissue paper and glue to ensure your pumpkin is trick or treat ready for the night.


The Hygge Pumpkin

The depths of October is prime hygge season, making this mudcloth-inspired Halloween pumpkin surprisingly fitting.

Hygge mud cloth patterned Halloween pumpkin | NONAGON.style
image source

Though the mud cloth pattern has African origins, cozy mud cloth throws and decorative mud cloth pillows have become a staple in hygge styled spaces. And now your Halloween pumpkins can match!

The Colorful Pumpkin

Do you want to know a secret? There’s no rule that Halloween decor has to exude doom and gloom.

Colorful balloon-dipped Halloween pumpkin | NONAGON.style

Does this defeat the point of Halloween? Quite possibly. But it does mean that your holiday decor can last beyond the 31st, so swings and roundabouts really. Here, balloon dipped pumpkins add a playful, almost whimsical spin, on Halloween. Even better, Brittni from Paper & Stitch promises that these pumpkins can be made in under 60 seconds.


The Cute Pumpkin

This year, forgo Jack’s creepy smile in favor of something altogether cuter.

Cute-faced Halloween pumpkins | NONAGON.style
image source

These cute-faced mini pumpkins would be an adorable addition to a children’s nursery without inducing any midnight terrors. As well as eucalyptus, I like the idea of using a range of florals and fauna to create a whole family of these darlings.

The Alternative Pumpkin

If you really want to stand out from the crowd this year how about abandoning the pumpkin completely?

Pineapple Halloween pumpkin | NONAGON.style
image source

Introducing the alternative Halloween pumpkin that isn’t a pumpkin at all but rather a sinister looking pineapple. So this one does require some carving, but I’ve been reliably informed that pineapples are easier to manage than the sizable pumpkin. Besides, their crazy spiky hair and rough jagged surface does most of the scaring work for you. Pro tip: this also works well with watermelons!


What do you think of these non-traditional Halloween pumpkin ideas?


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