17th Century Amsterdam Canal Home Draws Contemporary Between the Lines | NONAGON.style
Amsterdam Canal Home Draws Contemporary Between the Lines

Amsterdam Canal Home Draws Contemporary Between the Lines

Making history shine again with modern design

Asma Khan
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Asma Khan
on November 13th 2018

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Studio RUIM is back with another renovation of this historical 17th-century canal loft apartment with its distinguished clean lines and modern materials. The main idea of this redo was “keeping the historical feeling but with a modern touch,” comments Sigrid, one of the architects of this project.


A Dialogue Between Old and New

To create an ideal mix between a feeling of home and style, the designers added new elements to the old structure, starting with a wooden staircase. Its placement is the perfect entrance to the top floor bedroom, welcoming you home to a minimalist sleeping and bathing paradise.

Amsterdam canal home: Wooden Staircase leading into loft with framed glass walls | NONAGON.style

“We never see difficulties only challenges.” — Studio RUIM

Amsterdam canal home: Glass walls dividing bathroom and bedroom with wooden staircase | NONAGON.style

Coming up the staircase, you see on either side two glass walls with a dark frame acting as partition dividers for the two rooms. On your left is a lifted marble floor, which was a solution that the designers came up with to cover the pipelines. Overall, it really maintains the neat and spacious composition of the top floor and becomes one of the highlights.


At a glance, the white bathtub is the center of attention with an unobtrusive niche on its side giving the couple space to relax and chat away over a glass of wine. But if you pay more attention, the old beams aligning the ceiling of the room along with the vanity sink are really what’s keeping the history alive.

Person walking up the stairs, hi-macs bathtub over a marble lifted floor | NONAGON.style

“We literally don’t touch the history but put something new next to it. Like a dialogue of old and new times.”  — Studio RUIM

Amsterdam canal home: Dark wood canopy island bed with eclectic gallery wall | NONAGON.style

To the right of the corridor is an eye-catching dark wood canopy island bed. Its headboard also doubles as a sleek dresser and storage space with flexibly attached lamps. The fluffy giant bed just calls for a good sleep or snuggling in with the family on a Sunday morning.


The room is minimalist and provides ample space to move around freely. Space has been used to its potential because clothes and shoes are actually concealed into the walls, which the designers proudly admit is a design women love most!

Amsterdam canal home: Glass wall dividers with concealed wall storage and old ceiling beams | NONAGON.style
Amsterdam canal home: Night blue cire walls for modern bathroom with a hi-macs bathtub | NONAGON.style

Both transparency and opacity go hand in hand here, such as with the see-through glass walls between the bath and bedroom but a smoky glass door for the private shower area. It fulfills a need for both privacy and a connected space. They chose a calming night blue for the béton ciré bathroom walls.


The designers also kept in mind the specific desires the couple had. Another highlight in the bedroom is an eclectic gallery wall with marble and plain white ledges. It is a dedicated space for the couple, who love to collect photos together, one of whom is even a photo gallery owner.

Amsterdam canal home: Dark wood canopy island bed with ambient lighting at night | NONAGON.style

Overall, this room whispers warmth and togetherness. The owners “were in love with it immediately, felt [at] home from the first second,” describes Sigrid from Studio RUIM. “What we love is that when we came a few months later the space is really in use. For example, the bed frame was used to hang a rocking cradle for the new born baby.”


The old bits of the home, such as the warm wooden beams which are vintage, are left intact. Modern clean lines are found dotted around, like the bed and modern chimney. “We would have loved a more antique chimney,” mentions Sigrid, but ultimately the present one selected worked best for the client keeping the room perfectly cozy in winter.

“In the bedroom there is a sense of warmth with the timber, and stylish feel with the monochrome look of the room so it feels like it tempers to different moods.” — Studio RUIM

Personally, I love how the room changes drastically during the day and at night time. The family can really enjoy looking over garden views and open skies from the top floor towering over other the street. During summer, they can let in the sun and breeze because of the windows on both sides, with full-length curtains matching the mood of the bathroom walls. In winter, they can lock the heat in with the modern chimney and a good heating system.

Amsterdam canal home: Night blue cire bathroom walls, dark shower area and modern bathtub with grungy vanity sink | NONAGON.style

The couple enjoys traveling a lot and so they want nothing more than to come back to a place they can call home. What more can a family ask for in this modern-historical, heaven-on-earth Amsterdam canal home.

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