Calm Modern Aesthetic in Bustling Hong Kong |
Calm Modern Aesthetic in Bustling Hong Kong

Calm Modern Aesthetic in Bustling Hong Kong

Sliding partition space and plenty of storage

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on January 23rd 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.



Apartment remodeling has never been an easy task, especially for the often cramped living quarters in Hong Kong — the bustling metropolis where space comes at a premium. Here’s a story behind a renovation project of a 700-square-foot (65m2) apartment in Hong Kong.


A local couple, with two grown up children who had since moved away, bought a narrow apartment with the intention to refurbish the run-down 20-year-old unit into a cozy family home with abundant storage space. They called in NAPP Studio to design and manage the project, who succeeded in creating an inviting home ambience with a trio of cabinet systems and sliding door areas serving both as adjustable room walls and storage.


Let’s take a look into this modern makeover focusing on quality and style!

Wood tube idea used for walls in Hong Kong apartment |

Design Philosophy

The renovation project, INTERIOR 9, closely followed NAPP Studio’s design concept of “continuity in materiality,” in which a mixture of comfortable materials and color palette were chosen to add a touch of simplicity and vibrancy to light up the space. Lavishing great attention to meticulous details, they finished off with an air of refinement, achieved by a flawless balance between connection and hierarchy.

Light blue gray colors for Hong Kong apartment |

A Fresh Facelift

“There were an abundant amount of items and clothing needed to be stored. So we decided to create a long closet-wall dividing the sleeping quarter into three rooms while connecting the master bedroom and the closet room, which can also be used as bedroom if needed, through a sliding panel.”  — NAPP Studio

Blue gray storage doors in a two bedroom apartment made to home more |

Storage Wall

Decorated in modern aesthetic, the home features spacious yet relaxing ambience through its cozy interior design and full-height storage along the entrance corridor. The closet wall acts both to compartmentalize space as well as connect the space, flowing smoothly from the dining room all the way to the master bedroom, guest bedroom and the closet room.

Gray blue storage options and full height shoe cabinet |
Hallway area with plenty of storage in Hong Kong apartment renovation project by NAPP Studio |

The home owners set the goal of turning the two-bedroom apartment into a three-bedroom unit, just in case that any of their grown-up kids want to stay. However, the tricky part was making best use of storage space or whether to remove many of the built-in cabinets and storage platforms. To re-adjust the balance between wall space and storage area, NAPP Studio demolished the existing walls to realign the previous two bedrooms into three.


The result is a spatial division with one long closet offering a buffer and backdrop to the bedrooms. The closet wall provides privacy and sound barrier for the sleeping quarters. Hence, form meets function with the homeowner’s personality for design distinctly stamped on the project.

Warm cherry doors and interesting partition elements from interior design project by NAPP Studio |

Before, the housing unit was stuck with a lack of flexible space. Now, the smart makeover has brought the apartment to life layering design with modern styles and access to amenities.

Cabinets and cupboards in the master bedroom |
Oak pine partition wall with cherry tube fenestration |

Pine Tube

The pine tube wall is constructed from layers of cherry wood. I like the way that the color is chosen in the living room and the master bedroom, it’s well lit and a gorgeous accent piece.

Wood partition |
Pine tubes used for wall partition, Hong Kong apartment |

Kitchen Complex

The kitchen is painted light green, adding sleek light fixtures as well as plenty of storage, a cooking range, the washing machine, and complementing it all with a grey-bluish terrazzo tile flooring. Operating as the partition and link between different rooms, the storage cabinet also helps to conceal odds and ends in the kitchen.

Simple minimalist kitchen |
Light blue color hues in Hong Kong apartment renovation project by NAPP Studio |

Relaxing Color Palette to Help You Mellow Out

Colors form a vital part in furnishings, fixtures and fittings at home. With the goal of achieving an overall clean and simple image, NAPP Studio ties the light green paint and grayish blue stained wood with those pops of cherry pine tube together. The neutral color palette, teamed with the base color white for the remaining living quarters, create space for the users to embellish their day-to-day space.


“The materials identify the spaces clearly and add a character to it while maintaining an overall clean and simple image.” — NAPP Studio

Hong Kong apartment |

With an addictive combination of neutral shades, the color combo keeps the space feel inherently soothing and coastal. The clean and simple undertone is comforting, which also standing in sharp contrast with the bustle of life in Hong Kong. So are you in search of inner peace and tranquility? Find a color palette for a serene and soothing collection.


“General builders for apartments in Hong Kong are not very familiar with clean and neat details, they often do robust and chunky joints to ensure usability. We had a great time communicating and advising the details to make sure we will achieve something we want.” — NAPP Studio

Corridor entrance with rich oak timber doors, Hong Kong |

Home is not only a place to live. It’s feeling. With a modern and innovative approach in mind, NAPP Studio has successfully turned a stuffy, aged apartment into a sleek, warm harbor, allowing home owners to wind down in their evenings. Soft base tones counter gentle accent colors, while ingenious spatial demarcation has been consciously crafted to accentuate a casual weekend vibe.

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