Street Art Out Loud with HKwalls |
Art Out Loud with HKwalls

Art Out Loud with HKwalls

Go behind the scenes of Hong Kong's coolest street art festival

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on April 5th 2016
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HKwalls street art in Hong Kong |

Hong Kong, with its high and mighty skyscrapers, bustling business districts and densely populated islands, can give the impression of being a monochromatic city filled with people glued to their phones.


But take a pause in the day and you will find a world inside the urban landscape that celebrates life in its own unique way. From the little cha chaan tengs and the humble ding dings, to the pristine beaches of Sai Kung, Hong Kong is filled with contrasts and color.

Street art from the 2016 HKwalls event |

HKwalls is the awesome team behind one such contrast. They’re breaking barriers and decorating the city walls with some amazing art, and we simply love the splash of color it’s bringing to our home. We all strive to decorate our homes with beautiful things, but the allure of street art lies in the communal feeling it generates. It’s something that belongs to all of us.

Street art mural in Sham Shui Po by artist Clogtwo |

HKwalls needs little introduction in Hong Kong. It’s a platform for artists from around the world that helps bring art to the streets and alleys around town. This year was their third anniversary and they hosted a bigger and better week-long festival in the neighborhood of Sham Shui Po.


There was a lot of buzz and action this weekend in the area, which is otherwise famous for its textile market, electronics and street food. The district’s aging walls provided the perfect blank canvas for artists to show off their talents.

Street art from the 2016 HKwalls event |
Street art artists in action at the 2016 HKwalls event |

This year collaborated as a sponsor with HKwalls to help bring art home. We had the chance to be at the forefront and experience everything first hand. As people both old and young flocked to the streets to experience the murals in the making, it was captivating to watch old buildings come to life with splashes of new colors.


Sham Shui Po locals donated their walls for the murals, and were delighted with the results. Each artist brought their personal style to the project. One of the most stunning pieces that came out from HKwalls was painted by pop surrealist Okuda from Spain. His giant bear covered an entire building, and the bright geometric shapes drew attention from all who passed by.

Street art in Sham Shui Po by Okuda |
Local Hong Kong street art from the 2016 HKwalls event |

Art is a manner of self-expression and something we can translate into the everyday. It’s now easier than ever to find a style that you like. From flowers and fabrics, to sci-fi, we should decorate our homes with the things that inspire us. Street art is not that far behind in influencing home decor, be it wallpaper, paintings, prints or pottery. It adds just the right amount of edgy distinctiveness to the space.

Local street art artist in action at the 2016 HKwalls event |
Local street art artist in action at the 2016 HKwalls event |

The event was also an opportunity for us to meet with the artists whose work can be found in every part of the world. While discussing their style, passion and experience in the realm of street art, it was interesting to find out how they maintain individuality while taking inspiration from different places and cultures. To name a few among all who participated this year are; Suiko from JapanColasa from TaiwanRoid from LondonOkuda from Spain and some local artists were Evie, Mic and Ryck.


Did you make it to HKwalls this year? Let us know your favorite art piece in the comments below!


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