Home Tour: Austin Bungalow Home Welcoming and Cheerful
Austin Bungalow Home is Welcoming and Cheerful with Clerestory Windows

Austin Bungalow Home is Welcoming and Cheerful with Clerestory Windows

Bright beams and an open floor plan in charming house

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on November 21st 2017
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Are you wondering how to transform your Austin bungalow home? This typical 1940s house was dark and awkward, but its latest renovation included clever window arrangements and knocking down a few walls to make it bright, cheerful and functionally elegant.

Skyview Project with wide open wood beams | NONAGON.style

Editor in chief of the Texas Tribune, Emily Ranshaw and her partner David Gartstein consulted with architects from Murray Legge Architecture to remodel their Austin bungalow into something brighter. The brief called for maintaining the modest character of the Austin streetscape while giving their home an open and contemporary interior. It’s a modest blend of American mid-century modern furniture and high windows, mixed with Scandinavian trends for playful and lighter tones, with contemporary decoration.

Wooden beams with clerestory windows | NONAGON.style

An open plan living area gives space to admire the wooden beams in the ceiling. Custom clerestory windows offer plenty of light, along with the sliding glass doors that lead to the backyard.


Framing the dining area are these geometric hanging lamps from Cook Shop Design.

Kitchen with wooden cupboards | NONAGON.style
image source

The kitchen is charming with its natural green custom cabinets. Hanging pendant lamps occupy the central part of the room, right where they’re needed above the island block and bar area. Fully fitted with a plethora of storage space, it maintains Texan charm with contemporary maturity. A tall window elongates the room above the sink, providing views of the crape myrtle outside and creating space for sunlight to slip in.

Tall window complements kitchen with plenty of light | NONAGON.style
Ceiling with interesting detailing | NONAGON.style

From the designers:

Stick frame construction is the most common building system used in residential construction and its inherit beauty and elegance is often hidden, buried underneath sheetrock and other finish materials. For this project we wanted to reveal and work with the stick framing as a finished product and to allow it to shape the character of the interior space.

Hanging lamp with shelving in the kitchen | NONAGON.style

Expanding the home’s roofline and removing the walls made a huge impact to the 1,300-square-foot (120-square-metre) space. With pitched roofs and structural joists left exposed, the central room feels lofty and charming.

Wooden beams and hanging lighting | NONAGON.style
Clerestory windows with wooden frames | NONAGON.style
Living room has laid back vibe and blue chairs in front of television | NONAGON.style

The mid-century modern vibes of the living room appeal to me. Raw wooden flooring exposes the beauty of the wood, with natural textures for the rug. Classic furniture shapes balance and neutralize the contemporary elements; TV, stereo system, DVD storage. Outside views call at you through the windows which give a sensation of lightness and warmth.

Shower area with recessed storage shelf | NONAGON.style

How would you feel stepping into this bathroom? The warm lighting offers simple and serene (rather than clean and clinical) and a recessed wall provides ample space for soap and shampoo. Subway tiles are a simple choice but provide a lot of possibility for a bathroom.

Gold lighting with geometric patterns | NONAGON.style

The Implied Platonics gold rod lighting is a twist on the traditional dripping ornamental-style chandelier. As a site-specific design it captures the lines and shapes of the beams, windows and looks at ease.

Living room storage options | NONAGON.style
Laid back family room | NONAGON.style
Garden view of house extension | NONAGON.style

Open and light filled space with modest yet beautiful fittings. This Texan bungalow is a welcoming and earnest space that begs to be lived in. Take a look through the photos again and don’t forget to pin your favorites!


Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the project, or even about your own project. We’re keen to hear from you.


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