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An Awkward Barcelona Apartment Transformed

An Awkward Barcelona Apartment Transformed

The secret lies in embracing your awkward apartment in all its quirky glory

Written by –
Jess Ng
on September 26th 2018
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The trials and tribulations of small space living are well-documented here on From ‘tiny home’ tours to advice on how to design an abode which belies a less than generous footprint, we’ve covered it all. But what about small space living in an awkwardly-shaped apartment? Well that is a path less traversed, until now that is. Ahead, discover how CaSA negotiated an irregular floor plan and diagonal walls to completely transform an awkward Barcelona apartment. Keep scrolling for more.

Pink walled alcove in a Barcelona apartment with wood and green plant accents |

When Small Meets Awkward

When Elena moved into her Sant Antoni apartment, the problem with her new abode wasn’t its compact 51 square meter size. Rather, it was the irregular floor plan – all awkward peaks and diagonal walls – which proved to be the bigger headache, prompting her to call in the professionals at CaSA.

Elena in her contemporary Scandinavian-inspired Barcelona apartment designed by CaSA |

The floor plan consisted of a narrow central body with two peak-shaped spaces at either end. The challenge lay in ensuring there was a space for everything whilst simultaneously incorporating the open-plan aesthetic Elena loves.

Diagonal walls and rustic planter details in a contemporary Barcelona apartment |

For this reason, CaSA chose to enhance the diagonal lines of the apartment’s contour. Sometimes, the team would extend the lines to define a particular area. Elsewhere, they chose to slice portions at an angle to amplify the feeling of width. Overall, the result is a bright open space, full of playful contours and interesting angles.

Contemporary Scandinavian-inspired Barcelona apartment with pink wall alcoves and wood floors |

“Our aim was to create spaces that felt as wide and comfortable as possible.” – CaSA

Bright Scandinavian-inspired living room of a Barcelona apartment with white exposed brick wall and gray sofa |

Neutral Ground

The apartment is decked out in a neutral palette of muted undertone hues. Sage gray for the wardrobe, ash pink in the dining area, and a matte wine red at the entrance.

Open plan dining area with pink wall alcove and wood floor in a contemporary Barcelona apartment |

Overall, this mix helps to soften any harsh light pouring in through the windows – perfect for a warm, cozy aesthetic.

Contemporary Scandinavian-inspired open plan living space of a Barcelona apartment with round woven coffee table accent |
Modern contemporary open plan dining space in a Barcelona apartment with rattan basket chairs and white dining table |

Nooks and Crannies

An open-plan space can be difficult to organize, but the diagonal contours of this apartment help to create natural separation between areas. I also love how CaSA have incorporated little nooks and alcoves into their design. This allows for discreet private hideaways within the open layout – in other words, the best of both worlds!

Modern Scandinavian kitchen of a Barcelona apartment with matte gray cabinets and pink accents |

Tailor Made

Remember the corridor-like central space? That was transformed into a linear gallery kitchen. Because of its unique shape, bespoke units were chosen to really make the most of this area.

Matte gray minimalist kitchen of a Barcelona apartment designed by CaSA |
Scandinavian-minimalist kitchen of a Barcelona apartment with matte pink accent |

To accommodate Elena’s height, the counter has been installed at higher than standard measures. Likewise, the oven and microwave have been incorporated into the higher cabinets rather than below the hob.

Contemporary modern bathroom with sage green vertical tiles in a Barcelona apartment |

On the Tiles

In the bathroom, vertical sage gray-green tiles draw the eye upwards, making the space feel larger than it is. Boasting a wide prism-shaped shower and bespoke angled countertops, this room was designed to take advantage of the apartment’s irregularities.

Modern contemporary bathroom of a Barcelona apartment with prism-shaped shower and sage green gray vertical tiles |
Barcelona apartment with modern contemporary bathroom and sage green and gray vertical tiles |

“Floors and the angle shaped counter are made in thin, micro-textured, large-format porcelain slabs. Two globe lamps, especially finished in brushed nickel, just like the faucets, are placed on each side of the circular mirror.” – CaSA

Minimalist white bedroom of a Barcelona apartment with exposed brick wall and floor-to-ceiling storage |

Simple Pleasures

As per Elena’s request, the private bedroom quarters embraces simplicity in both color and design. Exposed brick walls introduce texture into the space, while floor-to-ceiling cupboards ensure plenty of storage.

Minimalist bedroom in a modern Barcelona apartment with exposed brick wall and wood floor |

When open, the double door entrance connects the bedroom to the wider apartment, enhancing the sense of space further.

Barcelona apartment with a contemporary minimalist aesthetic |

Final Thoughts

Although an irregular floor plan is never ideal, there are ways of transforming your awkward abode into a dream-worthy home. The key, it seems, is to work with the space you have. Embrace it in all its quirky glory, just like CaSA did with Elena’s Barcelona apartment, and rest happy in the knowledge that there won’t be another home like it!

What are your top tips for negotiating an awkward floor plan?


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