Beachfront Apartment Diversifies Living Experiences |
Israeli Beachfront Apartment Diversifies Living Experiences

Israeli Beachfront Apartment Diversifies Living Experiences

Seaside living redefined

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on April 14th 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.

B.C House

Gidon Levin

With this spectacular beach-facing apartment in Israel, architect Oshir Asaban has devised the B.C House, creating a sophisticated space with stunning views. Situated on the 22nd floor of the White City Tower in Tel Aviv, the 125 m² ocean-side hide-away nestles among shaded avenues with wide sidewalks and bicycle paths. The seafront retreat follows and open plan layout while looking out over the glorious beach, boasting a relaxing atmosphere, bold combinations, and plenty of room to entertain.

B.C House: Central public space overlooking the beach and the sea |

Beachfront Bliss

The house is designed to make the most of the covetable seafront location with a dazzling sea view while simultaneously retaining a sense of intimacy and practicality to the clients. While beautiful, the site came with difficulties. “The challenge was to place all spaces of the house frontally to the sea, beginning with the master bedroom and guest room, through the positioning of the furniture in the living room and even while cooking in the kitchen”, says Oshir Asaban.

B.C House: Open plan central public space combining kitchen, dining area and living room |

Design-wise, the interior was inspired by the aesthetic of interplay between different living experiences, featuring an open floor plan and functional divisions of space, with minimal architectural detail and a rich material palette. The central living area maximizes its panoramic sea view and plenty of natural light through a transparent glass facade open onto a sea-facing terrace.

B.C House: Bulthaup kitchen facade made of anodized aluminum in greeni sh gray color |

Spatial Continuity

“The entire experience of cooking and hosting is something that was planned to take place opposite the sea,” speaking of his design philosophy, Oshir explains. At the right of the entry, parallel to the glass opening, the kitchen facade is clad in anodized aluminum, whose unique greenish shade balances out blues reflecting off the ocean, and the light and shadow given by the sun moves throughout the day.

B.C House: Bulthaup kitchen made of anodized aluminum in greenish gray color |
B.C House: Dining room with square table, juxtaposition seats, lighting fixtures, and concrete wall |

In the dining area stands a square table made of emerald green stone from Brazil with patterned seats paired exceptionally well with the lighting fixtures and the exposed concrete wall behind the dining table. The art on display by Aviv Greenberg features an edgy color palette.

B.C House: Closeup of square table made of emerald green stone from Brazil |

“I think this house is about the concept of experience. To maximize the living experience and give a new meaning to everyday activities, whether it is the kitchen cooking experience that is equipped to meet all the demands of the host and the need of their guests or the experience of the sea view and the life facing the waves.” — Oshir Asaban

B.C House: Iron front bordering the living room with a library and a television screen |

Fluidity and Function

The most striking feature of the apartment is the massive treatment of the concrete wall from end to end and from top to bottom, resulting in a strong sense of continuity and fluidity throughout the interior. Case in point: parallel to the public space wall in the living room we can find the iron facade connecting with a library and television screen.

B.C House: Iron front bordering the living room with a library and a television screen |
B.C House: Space facing the sea with luxurious terrace beds, sofas and textile accessories |

On the sea-facing side, the living room is linked to a 20m² terrace through a delicate lintel functioning as an extension of the living space for family gatherings, which allows the space to feel more self-contained and private. Fitted with colorful terrace beds placed opposite each other along with softly crafted sofas and textile accessories, the balcony “adds a lot to the experience of the home, through the touch of textiles and its colorfulness,” as put by Asaban.

B.C House: Balcony overlooking the sea with terrace beds placed opposite to each other, sofas and textile accessories |

By thoughtful employment of small architectural details like the thin iron library wall as well as the hidden door with access to the master bedroom, Asaban’s design ultimately makes for an immersive living experience that makes moments of connection and intimacy possible. “Even the seemingly small and technical details add to the experience. If it’s the huge screens, some of which are hidden in the ceiling space in the master bedroom or in the indulging bathrooms,” the designer proposes a modern way of living.

B.C House: Master bedroom with free-standing bathtub located in front of the sea |

Behind a hidden concrete door in the living room, we enter the master bedroom greeted by a freestanding bath overlooking the sea. Here, the white paint with a touch of fresh green undertone adds to a modern and chic feel to the bedroom, and a varied degree of sophistication is also well achieved by a way of restraint and composure.

B.C House: Master bedroom with free-standing bathtub located in front of the sea |

In response to the client’s demand of a pampering bathroom, the design team split the bathroom into a freestanding bathtub placed inside the bedroom and an interior bath space outfitted with a shower, steam room and sauna.

B.C House: Master bedroom with free-standing bathtub located in front of the sea |

The charming master bathroom features a pure white Statuario marble with gray veining from floor to ceiling, thus creating a monolithic color scheme which also echoes the minimalist style of the master bedroom.

B.C House: Master bathroom covered in a pure white Statuario marble wall with gray veining from floor to ceiling |

Overall, a profound interconnection between space and living is well embedded in the bold combination and division of living quarters, which concurrently enables collective and individual experiences of the inhabitants. As well as a beautiful all round sea view!


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