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Found: The Beach Homes We Want to Live in All Summer Long

Found: The Beach Homes We Want to Live in All Summer Long


Written by –
Jess Ng
on May 26th 2018
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When it comes to dream homes, I bet stunning oceanfront abodes feature pretty regularly for most. And let’s face it, why would they not? You see, the allure of the beach home is simple. It provides close proximity to sun, sea and sand, making you feel like you’re on a year round vacation – all day, every day. And when they’re decked out with stylish interior design to boot? Well that’s just the icing on the cake.


Ahead, I’ve rounded up five beautiful beach homes that boast all this and more. Keep scrolling to give yourself a major case of home envy.

Es Garbi

Location: Costa Brava, Spain

Designed By: Nook Architects

Beautiful Beach Homes: Traditional Mediterranean beach home exterior | NONAGON.style
image source

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Es Garbi wins a million times over based on its location alone. The house itself sits upon a rock and, over four floors, gradually descends in steps until it meets a private jetty which connects to the sea.

Beautiful Beach Homes: Kitchen with high pitched ceilings and decorative Mediterranean floor tiles | NONAGON.style
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Beautiful Beach Homes: Modern bedroom with decorative floor tiles and open plan en suite bathroom | NONAGON.style
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What’s interesting about this home is its curious juxtaposition of old meets new. Architecturally, it stays true to its Mediterranean roots with tiled flooring and wooden beams. Style-wise however, it’s unequivocally contemporary, with white walls and a minimalist aesthetic. Simply stunning!

Beautiful Beach Homes: Modern living room with seating and balcony sea view | NONAGON.style
image source

Ocean Eye

Location: Costa Rica

Designed By: Studio Saxe

Beautiful Beach Homes: Oceanfront home with exposed structure and stunning ocean views | NONAGON.style
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One of my favorite featured home tours to date is this breathtaking Saxe Studio creation located in the tropical climes of Costa Rica. This oceanfront beach house is completely exposed to the elements of nature, allowing for an unrestricted connection to the Pacific and beyond. Talk about indoor-outdoor living goals!

Beautiful Beach Homes: Stunning oceanfront home with open structure and natural accents | NONAGON.style
image source
Beautiful Beach Homes: Stunning oceanfront home in Costa Rica with open structure and natural accents | NONAGON.style
image source

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, the Ocean Eye home also makes clever use of energy efficient architectural details. Strategically placed floor length overhangs, for instance, provide shade for the day and a good level of cross ventilation, allowing the owners to cut down on the air conditioning.

Beautiful Beach Homes: Oceanfront home in Costa Rica with natural accents and open walkways | NONAGON.style
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Check out the full Ocean Eye home tour here.

The Villa of Byron

Location: Byron, Australia

Designed By: Byron Beach Abodes

Beautiful Beach Homes: Tropical Byron Bay villa with luxurious swimming pool and lush foliage | NONAGON.style
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From the tropics of Central America to Byron Bay, this holiday rental by Byron Beach Abodes is the epitome of island paradise. Set against the backdrop of a lush coastal rainforest, the villa takes inspiration from South East Asian design to get that resort look down to a tee.

Beautiful Beach Homes: Living room of a Byron Bay villa with high pitched ceilings and dark wood furniture | NONAGON.style
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High pitched ceilings made from wooden slats and heavy dark wood furnishings are reminiscent of the traditional nipa huts of the Philippines. The look is kept sleek and modern with the addition of black metallic accents which help to streamline the space. Overall, this aesthetic is all about modern luxury, as confirmed by the addition of extravagant heated mineral pools and an outdoor rain shower.

Beautiful Beach Homes: Tropical Byron Bay villa with outdoor seating area | NONAGON.style
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Location: Victoria, Australia

Designed By: Byrant Alsop

Beautiful Beach Homes: Exterior of a black timber clad renovated 1920's cottage | NONAGON.style
image source

With its black timber cladding and industrial accents, Shoreham ain’t your typical beach house – much to the delight of its owners. Eclectic cool is the name of the game here, complemented by touches of contemporary styling, and plenty of beautiful artwork.

Beautiful Beach Homes: Dining room of a coastal beach home with dining table and artwork | NONAGON.style
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Beautiful Beach Homes: Open plan living space with wood burning fireplace | NONAGON.style
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Throughout the home, callbacks to nature, such as the hanging driftwood or bohemian basket lamp shades, offer a keen reminder of the nearby beach. The standout feature though has to be that glorious wood burning fireplace anchoring the open plan kitchen and living room. It’s just the thing to keep you warm long after the sun goes down.

Beautiful Beach Homes: Beach cottage with coastal driftwood and woven basket accents | NONAGON.style
image source

Click here to see the full tour.

Dampier Residence

Location: Perth, Australia

Designed By: Vivendi and Arc-Seven. 1


Beautiful Beach Homes: Mid-century modern meets Miami penthouse open plan living space | NONAGON.style
image source

Mid-century modern feat luxe Miami penthouse is my preferred way to describe the Dampier Residence. The modern family home, located in Perth, Australia, boasts unparalleled ocean views framed by tall glass windows. The overall effect is one of envy-inducing wonder.

Beautiful Beach Homes: Mid-century modern living space with Eames chair and open shelving | NONAGON.style
image source
Beautiful Beach Home: Modern dining room with metallic accents | NONAGON.style
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In the main living space, a mix of wood, glass and mirrored textures throughout the home help to modernize the home’s mid-century modern design elements. Notice too the array of indoor plants in the space, completing the visual connection between the inside and out.

Beautiful Beach Homes: Contemporary beach home with swimming pool | NONAGON.style
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Which of these beautiful beach homes is your favorite?


For more beachy home inspo make sure to check out our guide to transforming your home into a dreamy island resort. And as always, get following us on Instagram and Pinterest for the very latest home inspo.



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