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5 Living Rooms with Beautiful Fireplaces

5 Living Rooms with Beautiful Fireplaces

But the fire is so delightful

Written by –
Jess Ng
on November 1st 2018
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When the weather outside is frightful, there’s only one thing for it — a cozy crackling fire to sit in front of with hot chocolate and snuggles under a chunky knitted blanket. The humble fireplace is an age-old interior staple. While central heating has tried to take the mantel (pun intended), how can it ever really compete with the welcoming warmth of roaring flames housed in a beautiful decorative fireplace? Spoiler alert – it can’t. Ever. Especially when the fireplaces in question look this good.

Beautiful Fireplaces: Contemporary minimalist living room with striking fireplace and plant detail by Sisalla |
image source

5 Beautiful Fireplaces

Nordic Delight

As the peak of cozy indulgence, nothing quite embodies the Danish concept of hygge like a log burning fire.

Beautiful Fireplaces: Nordic hygge living room with minimal gray fireplace and cozy natural textures |
image source

More than a style statement, here the fireplace represents warmth and togetherness. That being said, the aesthetics of this Nordic-inspired space are not to be sniffed at. The simplicity of this fireplace taps into the relaxed nature of the hygge philosophy. I love how it has been painted in the same grayish purple hue as the walls, making the fireplace feel a part of the very fabric of the room. Soft natural textures offer the perfect finishing touch.

Pure and Simple

Can beautiful fireplaces work in stripped back minimalist spaces? If this Sisalla-designed living room is anything to go by, absolutely yes.

Beautiful Fireplaces: White contemporary minimalist living room with statement striking fireplace and rattan armchair |
image source

While minimalism and coziness don’t exactly go hand in hand, there’s no need to sacrifice warmth for the sake of aesthetics. The key lies in keeping it simple. Opt for a fireplace with sleek clean lines in glass or monochrome. Don’t forget to consider how a fireplace can add to the overall look of your room. Here for instance, the floor to ceiling design helps to visually elongate the space.

Work of Art

Updating the traditional fireplace is as much about styling as it is about the fireplace itself.

Beautiful Fireplaces: Classic mid-century modern living room with arched fireplace and an assortment of eclectic artwork |
image source

In this colorful mid-century modern living room, the fireplace acts as a pedestal for an eclectic assortment of artwork. The asymmetric styling of this vignette, combined with the juxtaposition of the abstract print and traditional gold frame, is the secret to taking the formality out of this look. Instead, there’s a nonchalant elegance to the space. This is effortless styling at its very best.

Back to Black

Looking to make a statement with your fireplace? As is the case in fashion, you can never go wrong with classic black.

Beautiful Fireplaces: Bold industrial-inspired black brick fireplace in a minimalist white room with black rattan armchair |
image source

The beauty of monochrome lies in its dramatic contrast. For a bold statement, stick to the black and white look in its most basic form. Don’t even think about adding in a burst of statement color. If you must break up the monotony, try playing with texture instead. Rattan, soft carpet and shiny metallic’s are all that’s needed to bring depth to this Madeleine Blanchfield design.

Industrial Chic

For an industrial take on the fireplace, Ourico looks to the iconic cone fireplace of the sixties for inspiration.

Beautiful Fireplaces: Contemporary industrial living room with cone inspired black fireplace and gorgeous steel frame windows |
image source

The long cylindrical chimney and matte black finish encapsulates factory vibes to a T. Also note the log store detail; what a clever way of bringing natural textures to the space! These wood notes are nicely echoed by the tables and lamps for a cohesive final look. And can we have a moment of appreciation for those showstopping floor to ceiling steel frame windows? The light in this room is every interior aficionado’s dream.

Which one of these beautiful fireplaces is your favorite?


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