Bedroom Design Inspiration: Best of 2018 |
Introducing Our Favorite Bedroom Design Inspirations of 2018

Introducing Our Favorite Bedroom Design Inspirations of 2018

Sleep tight!

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on December 19th 2018
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If you’re in any doubt as to how seriously we take our sleep here at, just remember that this year we consulted both design experts and feng shui masters alike in our quest for restful slumber. The takeaway? It turns out environment is key.


On that front, we’re lucky to have plenty of bedroom design inspiration to draw from, courtesy of this year’s featured home tours. Keep scrolling to see our favorites.

Bedroom Design Inspiration

Views on Views

From: ‘This Lagoon-Side Retreat Showcases Natural Beauty Inside and Out’

Bedroom Design Inspiration 2018: Industrial bedroom with breathtaking views and cozy log burner |
image source

When it comes to views, no home does it better than Benguela Cove. We’re pleased to see its sleeping quarters taking full advantage of this. Floor to ceiling sliding glass windows open onto a wooden deck and beautiful 360 degree views. Inside, austere concrete walls and steel frames dictate a rough industrial aesthetic. This simplicity works to enhance the majesty of the mountain views and blue lagoon waters. A traditional log burner is just the thing to bring a cozy glow to the space come nightfall.

Bedroom Design Inspiration 2018: Vintage eclectic bedroom with statement wallpaper and mid-century modern sputnik lighting |
image source

Cozy meets vintage chic in the bedroom of designer Sarah Ward. The rose-gold accented statement wallpaper is a particular stand out here. We love how its pattern is echoed by the mid-century modern sputnik lighting feature! While pops of blue pack a visual punch, darker-toned end tables and black rimmed frames work to add depth to the space. Overall, the look shines as an example of what happens when personality and style collide.

Bedroom Design Inspiration 2018: Minimalist zen bedroom with futon bed and wood accents |
image source

The quiet understated nature of Japanese design and the simplicity of a minimalist aesthetic are a match made in heaven — and here’s the receipt to prove it. This bedroom in a recently renovated Kyoto guesthouse is the architectural embodiment of modern zen. A low height futon bed dominates the space, leaving little room for distracting extras that hinder sleep. We especially love how the lighting and wood textures help to soften the starkness of the aesthetic, injecting warmth and intimacy into the space.

Bedroom Design Inspiration 2018: Minimalist white bedroom with exposed brick wall and wood flooring |
image source

As per the owner’s request, the private bedroom quarters of this Barcelona casa embraces simplicity in both color and design. Here, it’s the clash of textures which is the true star. Exposed brick, distressed wood and smooth metallic accents add subtle interest to this uncluttered design. Just like above, minimal distractions make this a designer and feng shui-approved sleep hideaway.

Bedroom Design Inspiration 2018: Contemporary-luxe bedroom with rich blue tones and velvet accents |
image source

Billowy drapes and silky velvet textures spell stately elegance in this contemporary-luxe space. The rich blue palette is a surprising choice, standing in contrast to the rest of the bright, neutral-hued abode. Yet this turn to the dark side is an effective visual separator, defining this part of the home as a sanctuary for sleep and relaxation.

What was your favorite bedroom design inspiration this year?


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