Say Goodnight to the Bedside Lamp? |
Say Goodnight to the Bedside Lamp?

Say Goodnight to the Bedside Lamp?

A new trend is in town

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on February 22nd 2017
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Where have all the bedside lamps gone? Seems they’ve been ditched. The bedside lamp has been replaced with the hanging lamp, the sconce modernized and switched out for a pair of overhead lights for either side of the bed.


But what’s caused this trend? Are our bedside tables becoming too cluttered with charging smartphones and tablets? Were there too many knock-it-over disasters reaching for the switch in the night? The answers to these we will leave to you to decide. While you try and figure it out, we present eight ways to incorporate suspended bedside lighting in your very own home.


For a contemporary take on the trend opt for a low hanging glass lamp as your bedside lighting of choice.

Low hanging glass bedside lamp in a contemporary bedroom with purple, pink and yellow accents |
image source

This statement lamp works particularly well with the high and low dynamics of this room, such as with the long drapes with lower details and tall height of the bed.


In this children’s room, not only has the lamp been done away with but so too has the bedside table.

Turquoise hanging bedside lamp in a modern kids bedroom |
image source

Instead of a freestanding night stand next to the bed, there is a floating shelf and a drawer which works to free up precious floor space.


The warm and inviting bedroom in this minimalist home tour features a suspended main lamp paired with a collection of smaller strung up lights to form a frame.


Suspended dome bedside lamp in a minimalist bedroom |
image source

Just think of how magical this room looks come night time! The rounded lamp shape really complements the graphic lines and shapes in this space too.


For a relaxed bohemian vibe try incorporating a low-hanging light in lieu of a table and lamp setup

Low hanging bedside lamp in a bohemian-style bedroom |
image source

Replace the table with a pile of well-thumbed books, add in some greenery and you’re good to go!



In this Polish home tour, Aw Wa wnetrza have styled this room with zig zag lights that work well with the custom headboard.

Black and gold suspended bedside lamps in a gray-themed Scandinavian-inspired bedroom |
image source

The black and gold accents in particular elevate this cool Scandinavian bedroom to chicer heights.


Don’t you love the way the matte lampshade hangs from the corner of the room?

Suspended matte gray bedside lamp in a minimal monochromatic Nordic bedroom |
image source

Minimal lines along with the clean color palette work really well in this room, with its simple monochromatic scheme and cozy hygge accents of course!


This bedroom is bursting with many different patterns and shapes, and the lanterns here feel right at home with the laid-back chic and traditional prints.

Earthy hanging bedside lamp in an exotic African-inspired bedroom with bamboo accents |
image source

Also can we talk about how the bed is on a bamboo plinth! LOVE.


More than simply freeing up space, a suspended bedside light makes for a great opportunity to incorporate a design statement into your bed space.

Metallic suspended bedside lamp in a boho-eclectic bedroom with jungalow details |
image source

In this jungalow-inspired room, the metallic aesthetic stands out in all the right ways against the darker backdrop of forest greens.

What do you think of these bedroom inspirations? If you’re looking for more inspiration ideas make sure to follow us on Pinterest and Instagram!

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