How to Create a Bedroom for Siblings They'll Be Happy to Share |
Ways to Create a Bedroom for Siblings They’ll Be Happy to Share

Ways to Create a Bedroom for Siblings They’ll Be Happy to Share

The bedrooms you wish you had as a kid!

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on May 29th 2019
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Sometimes room sharing for siblings isn’t a choice, it’s just what they have to do. But it’s always nice if kids sharing a room can get along. Keep these ideas in mind when arranging or designing a bedroom for your children and make room-sharing a success for your kids.

Create Personal Space

When you haven’t got a room of your own to escape to, at least with a bit of personal space like a desk or your own corner of the room, your child can feel at ease that they have their private and personal area to run to. Maybe for your children you’re able to buy two desks or have a curtain that keeps rooms split in half. Either way, your child will appreciate some privacy and consideration for their personal tastes and sleep habits.

Old closet space transformed into a cozy nook area for two brothers |
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Personal space in bedroom designed for kids nursery |
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How to arrange the beds

The way you arrange the beds will make a difference in how siblings share the room.


Bunk Beds

A go to option for room sharing. Using bunk beds has the great advantage of saving space, and children often find it fun to share them. Another bonus of bunk beds is using the space underneath for something else, like a desk area or play space.


90 Degree Angle

When beds fan out like this, you have the rest of the room to play with shared space. You can give each child their own corner. Consider placing the beds also with one at a height to free up a few inches.


Side by Side

Placing beds side by side makes it easy to see which side of the room belongs to whom, but isn’t always the most convenient use of space. However, if you are fed up with changing the sheets on the top bunk, this option is a practical one.


Head to Head

If you’re able to place beds with headboards touching or pointing towards one another along the wall, you could maybe also get away with splitting the room with a curtain or wall divider to create two separate areas.

Organizing bunkbeds in the childrens' room |
image source

Take cues from this gingham vacation home designed by Bayberry Cottage. A former garage was converted into a bedroom for many, making great use of space. The smaller bunks are perfect for little ones, but rather than using ladders, the stairs double up as storage. This means it’s even easier to create full size spaces for older children, or even adults. Another little point to note is the little books so every bed has bookshelves too.

Rooms that siblings will want to share, such as this attic bedroom by Amber Interiors |
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Bunk beds for the children's room by Amber Interior Design | Photo Tessa Neustadt |
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Amber Interiors creates a room with double bunk bed that's perfect for siblings who don't like to share | Photo Tessa Neustadt |
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The three scandi-chic designs by Amber Interiors are lovely and show how to integrate bunk beds into a room that feel sturdy and safe. The furniture for the rooms always show plenty of storage and leave space to play down the middle of the bedroom.

Kids bedrooms that they will be happy to share |
image source

Space to Play

Create an area of the room where kids have space to play. By providing an area they want to be in, and can call their own, this will become a room they want to be in. Don’t forget to add plenty of storage so they have space to keep their toys.

Green bunk bed in children's room that kids would be happy to share |
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Open bedroom space to play in children's bedroom |
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This bedroom designed by Gemma Mateos features plenty of green hints and cool canvas creams, providing plenty of space for play as well as a cute bunk arrangement.

Children's bedroom designed by Studio Clark + Co |
image source

Picking Colors

It’s not always easy to feel like you have your own things when your sibling comes and claims it as their own, so color co-ordination is a great way to designate who owns what — and who is supposed to tidy it up.


Alternatively, choose a color palette that both children like. You can play around with the design to have something for all.

Children's room with color co-ordinated storage spaces |
image source
Lumberjack boys rooms design perfect for kids who share, designed by The Project Girl |
image source

The Lumberjack theme presented by The Project Girl is executed to perfection. Tree stump themed cushions and textiles in plaid, plus wood-like elements for the furniture. Not only are the beds creating a quiet and private zone, the decor is on point.

Room Dividers

You don’t have two rooms, but you have a room divider? A curtain or fold out room divider is often enough to keep the rooms feeling separate, while also being able to pull open easily when it’s playtime.

Spaces that siblings can share easily |
image source

This room designed by Supermobilet drew a distinct line between spaces for these two siblings, giving these growing pre-teens two rooms in one.

Split two spaces into one, and other ideas for spaces that siblings can share easily |
image source

However siblings end up sharing a room, squabbles are inevitable. But we hope these tips for design layout give you a headstart in creating a great room for your kids.


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