The Best Vanity Mirrors for Your Bathroom |
The Best Vanity Mirrors for Your Bathroom

The Best Vanity Mirrors for Your Bathroom

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Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on April 2nd 2018
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There’s a common misconception that giving the bathroom an upgrade means shelling out a lot of money to replace floor tiles and other bathroom fittings. But something as simple as bringing in a new vanity mirror can make just as much of an impact on the style and personality of the bathroom space. From round shaped mirrors to vintage-style mirrors, we talk about the best vanity mirrors for the bathroom.

Round Mirror

Round mirrors are hard to miss, especially with all the swoon-worthy bathrooms featuring round mirrors on Instagram.

Round bathroom mirror |
image source

From Scandi-styled bathrooms to contemporary modern bathrooms, round mirrors are one of the most versatile bathroom accessories since the dawn of DIY design. Thanks to their minimal and straightforward design, round mirrors complement a plethora of design styles. The curved edges also offer a nice contrast to the sleek lines of most bathroom tiles, sinks and cabinets – making the bathroom feel less cold and sterile.

Round bathroom mirror |
image source
Round bathroom mirror |
image source

Rectangular Mirror

Forget a full-wall bathroom mirror, a classic rectangular-shaped mirror with a playful twist is twice the fun.

Rectangular bathroom mirror | Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Marissa Cramer Interiors. |
image source

If you’re not a fan of sharing the sink, matching rectangular mirrors look good too. A classic rectangular mirror offers plenty of room to get creative. Play around with the frames – whether it’s adding oriental flair or that rustic farmhouse touch – to give your bathroom some personality.

Rectangular bathroom mirror |
image source
Farmhouse style bathroom |
image source

Arched Mirror

Looking to add a touch of royalty to your bathroom? The arched mirror is for you.

Arch bathroom mirror |
image source

The arched mirror is making a modern comeback from its ornate antique versions – and I’m all for it. With the constant need to downsize in a modern city-dwelling or a small-space apartment, the arched mirror gives you the same touch of elegance that’s easy to care for.

Twin arch mirrors for the bathroom |
image source
Half oval bathroom mirror |
image source

Geometric Mirror

Why stick to a few silhouettes when you can add some extra edge to your bathroom space?

Geometric bathroom mirror |
image source

Mirrors come in a variety of shapes these days, from triangles to hexagons. They’re all great for spicing up stark, boring bathroom spaces. Think of your vanity mirror as a chance to add decor to your walls and pick your shapes accordingly.

Geometric bathroom mirror |
image source

Scallop mirror

For a little bit of extra sunshine to the bathroom, the scallop mirror is a bathroom-friendly version of the sunburst favorite.

Scallop bathroom mirror |
image source

Scallop mirrors give off the same cheery vibe as the sunburst mirror, without the hassle of having to regularly clean the narrow spaces in between the rays of the frame.

Vintage Tri-fold Mirror

Here’s a little nod to the past – a tri-fold mirror for the bathroom.

Vintage folding bathroom mirror |
image source

For a look that’s truly industrial, install tri-fold mirrors that give you a good view of every angle of your face. No more turning your back to the mirror because the tri-fold mirror does the work for you.

Which mirror is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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