Best Bathrooms on – A Year in Review 2016 |
Best Bathrooms on – A Year in Review 2016

Best Bathrooms on – A Year in Review 2016

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on December 26th 2016
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We know how important it is to have a well-designed bathroom. From freshening up in the morning to winding down for a calming bath after a busy day, a nice bathroom makes a big difference to how comfortable we feel at home.


In 2016 we have featured some amazing houses in our home tours, and it was hard to whittle down to selecting just a few of the best. Take a look at some of these showstopper bathrooms from the year!

Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring in a minimalist home bathroom |

For an all-white Krakow home, this black bathroom is a fantastic surprise! From the bathtub you can admire the recreation of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring. We also can’t help but notice the 3D geometric tiles used on the bathroom floor which show the designer’s creativity and flair.

Minimalist home bathroom in black |
Bathroom with white tiles and cascading blue tiles |
Bathroom view with white and blue tiles |

Feel the ocean waves rise in this luxurious bathroom in a Taipei apartment. We love how the brilliant blue arabesque-style tiles create movement amidst the white walls. Designed by JC Architecture, the bathtub and sink centerpiece takes the spotlight and divides the space wonderfully for different functions. The home also has a stunning custom designed and fitted kitchen, too, that made it into our top kitchens round up!

Stone colors in contemporary bathroom with high windows |, photo by Charles Davis Smith for MR Architecture

As part of an environmentally sustainable home, this neutral toned bathroom is a refreshing sight with the use of open space, giving the owners plenty of room to prepare for the day. We like the use of narrow window strips that allow natural light in while keeping the area private. The shower area is divided with a glass screen keeping the rectangular shape of the bathroom seemingly unchanged.

Master suite bathroom featuring double sink and full bathtub |

This is the master bathroom in a philologist’s home in Madrid, and we like how calm and fresh the room is. It would be a lovely place to relax in the tub and catch up on some reading.


The room maximizes on space, fitting all essentials in without making it feel cramped. The double sinks are a favorite, especially paired with the matching-but-not-the-same mirrors.

Shower and bathtub in the master suite bathroom |
Bathtub with double basin bathroom and long walls of mirrors |

We adore the soft touches in the bathroom of this home on Australia’s west coast. The woodwork is reminiscent of the 50s, channeling the mid-century feel but blending well with the contemporary taps and fittings. The curtains that drape from the ceiling frame the bathtub serenely, and the hanging bulbs are a nice touch!

Deep warm tone bathroom with built in shelving |
Bathroom in Surrey Hills Country Mansion |

It’s the clawfoot bath tub, the glass chandelier and the cute latches on the windows that draw us in to this Edwardian home. Owned by avid collectors, even the bathroom features artifacts they’ve picked up while traveling around the world. The room incorporates a wonderful combination of textures with the silver details, marbled sink and black lacquer dresser.

Beautiful marble grids in this Taipei home bathroom |

Ganna Design did an incredible job with this home in Taipei City. The bathroom’s gray marble tiles create a soothing vibe while infusing movement to the space. We are amazed at the white and gold light fixtures that almost seem like they’re floating above the baththub. The neon green chair is a pop of color keeping the space hip and trendy.

Grey is the color for this Taipei home |
London bathroom with small tiles and marble wall |

For the renovation of British musician Guy Lawrence’s home, he wanted a contemporary home that still preserved its historic features. This monochromatic bathroom gives off a modern minimal feel. The oval white bathtub also adds a nice contrast to the square tiles used.

Elegant marble bathroom designed by Pascali Semerdjian Architects |

This beautiful marble bathroom is a great example of 2016 bathroom design. The project was undertaken by Pascali Semerdjian Architects with no expense spared in creating this calm marble haven. The shower area is also uniquely separated with translucent dividers allowing light to pass through uninterrupted.

Elegant marble bathroom designed by Pascali Semerdjian Architects |
Bathtub in master bedroom with glass shelves for towels |

Another trend is to blend the master bedroom with the bathroom. Blending the two areas together isn’t always easy, but the bold blue tiles and patterns along with the white and gold scheme help tie the areas together in this London apartment that overlooks the River Thames. Uniting the two rooms are these fiber-optic lights that create a mesmerizing effect when lit up.

Fluffy towel hangs over the bathtub edge |
Blue tiles behind the mirror and in the shower |
Blue tiles behind the mirror and in the shower |

The same home also features another bathroom, with a wonderful spot for watching the world go by.

Bathtub in London penthouse suite |

Once again we see that feature lighting is implemented to great effect, turning bath time into spa and relaxation time.


We hope these bathrooms have inspired you for the coming year, whether you’re looking to open up your bathroom, looking to modernize or just like gawking at what’s out there. Remember to let us know which bathroom you liked most in the comments below!


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