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6 of the Best Small Kids Bedroom Ideas

6 of the Best Small Kids Bedroom Ideas

Big ideas for small spaces

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Jess Ng
on May 31st 2019
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Despite being the smallest humans in the house, how do kids always wind up accumulating more stuff than anyone else? From toys to clothes, books and other necessary paraphernalia, they’re a high maintenance lot that’s for sure. Not only that but in a cruel twist of fate, kids are oftentimes stuck with the smallest or most awkward-shape rooms, making kids room design that bit more of a headache.


Luckily for all you desperate moms and dads out there, we have six perfect solutions. Keep scrolling for a round up of the best small kids bedroom ideas.

6 Small Kids Bedroom Ideas

Big Top Parade

Part circus, part play room, this small kids bedroom design captures all the fun of the fair – complete with some clever space-saving furniture ideas.

Small Kids Bedroom Ideas: Circus-themed red and white kids bedroom with wooden multi-functional furniture unit with bunk bed, desk, blackboard and play nooks |
image source

A transforming wall unit made from wood and steel contains two beds, a closet, a pull out desk, blackboard and various nooks for the kids to play in. Talk about a multi-tasker! The red and white aesthetic is fun yet chic. We also love the exposed wood accents – they’re a great nod to the Scandi theme.

Nooks and Crannies

The best small kids bedroom ideas we’ve seen have one thing in common: they utilize every single nook and cranny of a space. And yes, that very much includes even the smallest of alcoves.

Small Kids Bedroom Ideas: Bright and contemporary kids bedroom with pistachio painted wood panel wall and white wall desk alcove |
image source

Here, a gap between two closets becomes the perfect spot for a modest wall desk. An open shelf provides room enough for storage whilst ensuring the space isn’t visually blocked by another piece of heavy furniture.

Camp Out

Between the warm woody tones and forest green drapery, this sweet hideaway reminds us of a rustic cabin in the woods.

Small Kids Bedroom Ideas: Wood bunk bed idea with in-built shelving and tartan green drapery |
image source

When you haven’t got much in the way of square footage to work with, our advice is to design up! A common way to do this is to raise the bed in order to accommodate additional storage. As an added bonus, kids will love the tactile nature of their new layout.

Storage Wars

Storage is indeed key. That being said, an excess of cabinets and closets can make a room feel dark and heavy. So what’s the solution?

Small Kids Bedroom Ideas: White Scandinavian kids bedroom with open shelf flexible storage wall |
image source

Well, open shelves and plenty of baskets according to this sweet Scandinavian kids bedroom. Pro tip: opt for neutral hues in an effort to accentuate any natural light in your space.

Hide and Seek

Small kids bedroom ideas don’t have to be boring. All it takes is a little imagination.

Small Kids Bedroom Ideas: Playful kids bedroom with bunk bed hidden inside a wooden closet |
image source

Here, a raised bed hidden inside a barn-inspired closet is a simple way to score fun points with the kids.

Simply Red

When it comes to decorating small kids bedrooms, we advise throwing all our small space design tips at it.

Small Kids Room Ideas: Bright white kids bedroom with wood panel walls, raised bed and storage |
image source

From vertical wood panel walls which draw the eye upwards, to the abundance of white which immediately makes any room feel bigger, this red-accented room is a masterclass in making the most out of a small space.

Which of these small kids bedroom ideas is your favorite?


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