Best Sofa Designs for the Drawing Room |
Best Sofa Designs for the Drawing Room

Best Sofa Designs for the Drawing Room

Getting your drawing room just right

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on September 24th 2018
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Looking for the best sofa layout designs for your drawing room? When you are thinking about sofas for greeting guests and entertaining, a drawing room is more formal than the living room and requires a different look. Some sofas are perfect for lazy lounging, but the drawing room is the neater and more sophisticated big sister. Usually located nearest to the front door, it makes the perfect spot to welcome guests in, and many people choose to keep this room television-free.


While you’re thinking of how to set up your space, here are some of the best sofa inspiration ideas for the drawing room. Let us know which is your favorite look!

Charming Loveseats

Light blue love seat, perfect for the drawing room |
image source

What else combines an elegant look while also being comfortable? The loveseat. Loveseats are perfect sofas for formal entertaining in the drawing room, because they can create a cozy intimate feel with their size, but also feel elegant and refined depending on the type of sofa chosen.

Dark interiors with velvet green sofa and wall art |
image source

Face to Face

Two red patterned sofas face to face in green drawing room |
image source

Thinking about how to design the layout for a drawing room? One of our favorite arrangements is two small sofas facing one another. When a room is centered around the television, this option is rarely chosen. But in the drawing room your primary goal is to create a space where guests can talk to one another, so it makes great sense to have chairs facing one another. Instead of a television, pick another element in the room such as a fireplace, striking artwork or make a point to accent some of the great architectural features of the room. You create beautiful symmetry and save yourself some neck strain too.


It may not seem like it, but having sofas facing one another can actually save space compared to the typical L-shaped sofa layout, as well. You could also include armchairs in the room to accommodate extra guests.

Laid back sofa style in the drawing room, with design by Rose Uniacke |
image source

Design in the Round

Curved sofas from Gluckstein Design |
image source

In this drawing room, you’ll see that the gentle curves of the walls have been accented with these refined and elegant sofas. Pared back, and accompanied by stools for extended conversation, these sofa designs are a great way to create a warm ambience for drawing room discussions.

Robey curved sofa design encourages conversation in the round |
image source
Green Jelly P sofa by India Mahdavi |
image source

The Statement Seat

Deep browns and champagne tones for Christopher Guy designed drawing room furniture set |
image source

For some of us, the drawing room is the space to make bold statements. When you’re shopping around for your favorite furniture and decor, sometimes there’s that one piece that really shouts out to you. This is a great way to merge that statement piece into your home, making it a conversation starter. Stick to neutrals for the rest of the room to make your favorite sofa piece stand out, or choose a unique rug to set the scene. Let your creative flair run wild.

Mellrose sofa with in Canterbury Amethyst |
image source

Borne Settee

Green borne settee, round sofa from Tine K Home |
image source

Both round and a statement piece, the borne settee is great for larger drawing rooms and spaces that don’t have an obvious wall area for a sofa.


These originated in France with lavish tufting, often featuring a pillar in the centre. They were often made so grande to include large vases or fountains in the middle. Maybe you’ve seen them in hotel lobbies, or in palaces. But we favor the paired down look and comfort of the contemporary borne sofas!

Triangle borne sofa, 'Drama' by Christopher Guy |
image source

What sort of sofa designs do you think work best for the drawing room? Would the Borne Settee work in your space? Let us know in your comments below!


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