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These Instagram Interiors Are Making a Serious Case for Decorating with Black

These Instagram Interiors Are Making a Serious Case for Decorating with Black

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Written by –
Jess Ng
on April 21st 2019
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When it comes to fashion, experts agree that you can never go wrong with head to toe black. In the world of interiors however, black is often seen as a difficult hue to work with. Isn’t black a little too dramatic for my home? Won’t black make my room feel dark and gloomy? These are both common queries when it comes to black home decor. Yet as our round up of Instagram-approved interiors prove, these concerns are unfounded. Keep scrolling to discover our very favorite black interiors – as spotted on Instagram.

Black Home Decor

Monochrome Chic

You heard it here first – white kitchens are out. In their place, sexy chic monochrome reigns supreme.

The contrast of the white and black bring high class drama, juxtaposing with the simplicity of those crisp lines and minimal design pieces. Alongside the abundance of white, shiny chrome accents work to bounce light around the room, stopping any potential doom and gloom in its tracks.

A Clash Act

Prints unite in this floral-tastic space, and quite frankly we’re in awe of how well they work together.

Monochrome gives these three clashing patterns a common visual theme, making it easier to mix and match. A discreet minimalist wall sconce in lieu of a bedside table ensures the overall look is not weighed down by any unnecessary additional bulk.

Basic Instinct

Wabi-sabi meets black noir in this kinfolk-inspired back to basics kitchen.

Here, it’s all about texture. From the matte black cabinets to the raw wood dining table and weathered ceramics, texture is key to adding depth to a black aesthetic.


While black and white may be the MVP pairing, don’t think black won’t deign to tango with any other hue.

In this vintage-eclectic dining room, black walls make its fellow pink, blue, red and orange friends sing, dance and pop. The dark backdrop makes these hues look more vibrant than ever!

Life’s a Beach

For a polished take on the breezy beach aesthetic, look to luxe carbon accents.

A black and gray palette adds a classic twist to this kids room. Meanwhile, wood details keep the final look grounded in nature. And who doesn’t love bunk beds?

Country Strong

Instant rustic glam abounds when black is paired with antique furnishings.

To prevent black walls from looking flat, consider adding architectural details such as paneling or wainscoting. This will help bring in dimension to black home decor.

Dark Horse

If the idea of an all-black interior still intimidates you, start small.

When paired with other statement design elements, black can be subtle too. Here, a wood panel wall, gold hardware and strong tile game more than hold their own while toning down the typical extravagance of black home decor.

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