Cozy Attic Apartment with Snug Sleeping Space |
A Cozy Krakow Apartment with a Snug Sleeping Space

A Cozy Krakow Apartment with a Snug Sleeping Space

It seems good things really do come in small packages

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on July 20th 2017
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Sophia House


This cozy attic apartment in Krakow is beaming! Skylights allow for plenty of light to shine in this Polish top floor apartment, which is housed in the attic space of a 1934 tenement building in the center of town. This space, after renovation, became the home for a young couple who frequent the city for work and wanted a place of their very own. Keep scrolling to see more.

Open plan living room of a snug attic apartment with mustard yellow sofa |

The apartment design style was inspired by a ceramic plate decorated with the image of Aunt Sophia. This plate and a handful of others now hang in the kitchen, giving the apartment a personal feel.

Decorative ornamental porcelain plates in a cozy attic apartment |

Looking back over the project, there were lots of changes made throughout but each element has come together beautifully, according to designer Karol from Blackhaus.

Scandinavian-inspired open plan living space of a small attic apartment |

The open plan kitchen and living area makes the attic apartment feel more spacious. This spaciousness is helpful given the small surface area of only 19 square meters. White fittings and warm wood tones were selected to also achieve this look. Overall, the apartment leans towards a Scandinavian aesthetic, with a few interesting design quirks for a surprising twist.

Minimalist kitchen and dining space of a cozy attic apartment |

The perforated cabinets are not only a design element but are functional too, hiding the washing machine and appliances but providing enough ventilation for the equipment. The upper doors also have a perforated look to match the general feel.

Minimalist living space of an attic apartment with exposed brick wall and LED light |

Aunt Sophia evidently made a lasting impression on the homeowners, as her name is lit up in LED lights on the exposed brick wall. The yellow sofa that stretches the length of the wall completes this picture of coziness, especially with its tufted pillows.

White Scandinavian-inspired kitchen of a snug attic apartment |

We love how the ceramic styled cupboard handles subtly mimic the plates! It’s a cute touch.

Open plan living space of a cozy attic apartment |

This open plan attic apartment has a hidden feature – can you see what it is?

Elevated loft bedroom space in a cozy attic apartment |

It wasn’t easy to fit everything in given the shortage of space. Thus, the main sleeping area is in a mezzanine space above the bathroom. During the renovation work, the ceiling had to be adjusted an extra 25 centimeters to get more headroom. The area is certainly snug and cozy; just make sure you don’t roll around too much in your sleep!

All white bathroom of an attic apartment |
Bathroom with elongated white tiles in an attic apartment |

The compact bathroom feels surprisingly roomy thanks to the long tiles which seem to lengthen the walls.

Top view of the open plan living space in an attic apartment |

All in all, this cozy attic apartment is a snug sanctuary under the protective guidance of Aunt Sophia. It definitely feels warm and welcoming with its light furnishings and open plan. You can be sure of a good meal and a good night’s rest at Sophia House, right in the heart of the city.

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