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Wall to Wall: Decorating with Blue

Wall to Wall: Decorating with Blue

Not only for the boys' room

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on March 15th 2017
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These rooms prove that feeling blue isn’t such a bad thing. From deep nautical to bright and breezy, there are blues that work well for all rooms. One of the great colors that doesn’t really clash with any other, blue walls can be calming or dramatic, cute or sophisticated, depending on how you do it.


Read on for a round up of gorgeous blue hued walls that will have you singing hallelujah for the blues.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Calming, relaxing and serene, blue is said to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate – it’s no wonder blue is a popular hue for bedrooms.

Bedroom with bold blue walls and detailed wood panels |
image source

Bold and blue, the designers made this bedroom with precision to detail. They even measured the wood panels to make sure that the sconces would align perfectly in the middle of the boards.

Bohemian bedroom with blue walls and macrame wall art |
image source

A rental home full of flavor, this bedroom is one of the fab features from this home tour with a home decor designer and DIY enthusiast. From floor to ceiling there are some lovely and familiar hints, from the handmade macrame to the elephant bedside lamp – a triumphant piece of decor.

Eclectic bedroom with dark blue walls and rich textile details |
image source

These dark walls are further encouraged by the use of blue textiles and decor. Even the wild rainforest wallpaper speaks to the dark side of the color palette, giving the room a depth and playful richness with its eclectic look.

Work and Play

Because of its calming effect, blue is also a good choice for a home office.

Home office with dusk blue walls and city view |
image source

From wall to ceiling, the daily burst of sunlight kept the dusky blue shades in this apartment warm. The quiet corner area of this home office is the perfect spot for sundowners.

Accents and Hues

If you’re not sure about painting the whole room blue, do consider adding the hue as an accent instead.


Minimalist white living space with blue window shutters |
image source

Maybe it was a bit cheeky to include this image in a round up of blue walls, but the designers hung these blue window shutters high enough to almost blend in with the wall. They look like a gallery in the study of blue.

Bright eclectic apartment with blue accent wall |
image source

A blue accent wall in this kitchen adds a splash of color without taking it too far. Keep everything else minimal to ensure a cohesive streamlined look.

Sophisticated Setting

Dark blue is a great option for a more sophisticated aesthetic.

Sophisticated living room with dark blue walls and metallic finishes |
image source

The dark blue walls in this living room look so good with metallic finishes, tan and teal! It’s a grown up living room for moody sophistication.

Vintage-inspired mid-century modern living room with blue walls and yellow accents |

Blue’s complementary color is orange, which means they are on the opposite side of each other on the color wheel. When we place the two together, they can really pop! This 60s inspired mid century modern room is really something to see, pairing the slightly more turquoise blue with the richer cobalt blue, you have some lovely deep hues that really zing with the yellows and oranges of the room.

Family Friendly

Blue walls even work in family homes too.

Family living room with dark blue walls, colorful rug and leather armchair |
image source

With the warm colors of the floor, the dark blue of the walls create a gorgeous accent feature. The red rug and brown leather armchair show that blue can be quite versatile, as there are very few colors that it will really clash with.

Entrance area with blue walls, potted plants and image gallery for a calm environment |
image source

The entrance area of this family home invites you to step into a calm environment. Pair with potted plants and a gallery wall of your family memories.

Are you ready to give bold blue walls a go? Leave a comment below if you think blue walls are the next best thing, or do they just leave you feeling blue?


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