The Botanical Symphony of Nature and Space- Loose Leaf Studio |
The Botanical Symphony of Nature and Space- Loose Leaf Studio

The Botanical Symphony of Nature and Space- Loose Leaf Studio

Do we always wonder how nature takes part in our modern man-made concrete jungle?

Marcella Wong
Written by –
Marcella Wong
on November 19th 2019
Marcella believes that one should always live life with mindfulness. Being able to notice aesthetics around is her gift and also her hobby.
You would find Marcella at her best either sourcing for interior design or home decor products, or in the kitchen exploring her gourmet paradise.

Loose Leaf Studio


Sean Fennessey

When we talk about botanical landscaping and architecture, we think about how plants can complement the space, bringing a sense of freshness into a room, as a form of home decor.


However, in Loose Leaf Studios, the artists have innovatively introduced a new form of landscape art into our lives.

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Loose Leaf Studio was founded by Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler, these two are not just perfect partners in art, but they also are a couple.


Both were trained in professional floristry and horticulture. The two connected through their love for nature and gardening. Charlie was raised in Tasmania with his family used to run a local plant nursery, he has built up an unrequited love for botanical sculpting.

Wona grew up in South Korea with her family running a flower farm, knowing that she would dedicate her life to floral art from a young age. 


The two met in Germany when Wona was learning with floral master Ursula Wegener. It all happened because of their common interest – Floristry.

The two started the Loose Leaf studio when they moved back to Australia, with a brand new concept of bringing botanic sculpting into a room.


With the carefully curated expansion of natural materials from Australia, the pair have been creating unusual landscape exhibitions and projects. It aims to redefine the structure of a space, making botanic pieces not just a decorative agent but a form of expression.



In 2017, they created “The Hover Wreath Series” in multiple streets in different locations around the world. The pair of ingenious artists has brought nature into every roundabouts.

Their recent work – Proximity, carefully arranged leaves wraps and extended around the architecture pillar of an exhibition room. Such lively installation puts the botanical matters into the focus of the room as if nature is embracing these man-made carefully calculated concrete pillars. Breathtaking, a bit bizarre at first but truly astonishing.

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