San Fran Home Embraces the Outdoors with Broad Windows |
San Fran Home Embraces the Outdoors with Broad Windows

San Fran Home Embraces the Outdoors with Broad Windows

Full length windows give great views

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on September 11th 2016
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Broadmoor Residence


Steve Keating

This splendid family home in Seattle is a remodel and addition to the existing design that was developed in 1956. Located near Lake Washington, this one story home is in a private enclave of Broadmoor. The original design is said to have a similar open plan spirit, but not fully embracing the outdoors. Also, a remodel in the 1970s did not make things any better. It rather distorted the plan further, leaving spaces that did not really connect very well together.

Evening view of the exterior |

The new owners were excited to own this gorgeous property but wanted bright open spaces, modern interiors and a fully open plan living that blends the internal spaces with the outdoors. The general idea was to create clearer segments that were well connected and allowed a more integrated living.

Broadmoor Residence exterior |

Changes in architectural detailing helped in defining the spaces in a better way. This was intended to create more coherent and liveable areas around the house. A lot of interesting features were added, like this bridge entryway. It is a refreshing change from a normal pathway. This point of entrance also creates a clear divide between the public and private areas of the house.

Green planter wall and a red wooden paneled building |
Garden with sliding doors |

The sidings on the exterior are stunning, and creates a log house kind of feeling. This gels very well with the green outdoors.


All the rooms in this house are placed along a meandering hallway that is on the street side of the house. This leaves all the rooms towards the internal segment with the views of this lush green meadow. All rooms are carefully built to make the most of the vistas, with almost the entire length of the inner wall being wide floor length glass doors and windows.

Garden with open plan and glass windows |
Exterior with central courtyard |

The kitchen, living and dining areas can be seen here with an inside-out feel; which was core the intention of the design.

Dining table in open plan living area |

The interiors are minimal and they beautifully complement the green views of the outside. This spacious open area connects the kitchen, dining and living room, with a small corner with a gorgeous piano. Those views mixed with some live music are the best ingredients for an amazing evening. It is also a wonderful space to hold gathering with friends and family.

Living room with lighting over the dining table |

The living area, as you can see, enjoys the views on both sides. The bridge entryway opens up here and has the public spaces right at the entrance and all the bedrooms on the left side.

Living room area with glass windows |

The spaces have been defined using subtle differences in design, like the gray tiles of the hallways and the wooden flooring of the living room. These small details help in visually defining various segments of the house.

Shared living area |

A lot of storage has been created along the hallway. Closets and cupboards, bookshelves and reading corners, all are located around the open hallways to create more interactive spaces and utilize the floor space to the maximum. The use of wood tones also helps in adding warmth to the almost entirely open areas.

Shared living area and hallway with storage |
Living area with kitchen island |

The kids area is divided into this two level zone with study and play area right near the kitchen and the bedrooms on the upper level. These two bedrooms are the only spaces on the upper floor, while the rest of the house is a single story building. Among the simple interiors slight pops of color add a fun element and a visual delight.

Kitchen island and open area |

This massive kitchen has some stunning views. It must be a pleasure to cook in here and it should be quite convenient to have a small kitchen garden outside to create a farm to table meal once in a while. It must be really fun, especially for the kids, to live in this beautiful home.

Kitchen island and recessed ceiling with lots of glass windows and wide space |

Every corner is well thought out, making use of the maximum area while leaving plenty of open spaces. The walls and ceilings are painted all white so there is no visual noise, so the focus is on the family activities and the outdoor views. The white walls also keep the home looking bright and beautifully reflect the sunlight; enhancing the interiors.

Kitchen area |
Stairway with wooden floating |
Bedroom with faux fur rug and garden views |

The bedrooms on the ground floor also get the gorgeous views of the garden. The master suite entrance is from the dressing area, which is unusual but it leaves the sleeping area with the undisturbed views of the back yard.

Shared Bathroom with wardrobe |
Bathtub and shower |

The master suite bathroom also has a stunning view and a private corner of the courtyard. The dressing and closet area is in the same wood tones as the rest of the house, but the bathroom is a minimal all-white space and a shower with a view.

Green tiles backsplash in the bathroom |
Open plan home with lots of garden views |

The broad glass walls dissolve the inside and outdoor spaces, while also creating nice frames for the stunning views. This home truly embraces the open plan living and blending the exteriors, making the use of the landscape and a holistic living.


The designers have done full justice in redesigning this home and realizing its spaces in the best way possible and I am sure the new owners are enjoying every bit of it.


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