Spotted: Cat Friendly Homes for Cat Lovers |
Spotted: Cat-Friendly Homes for Cat Lovers

Spotted: Cat-Friendly Homes for Cat Lovers

Homes with serious catitude

Written by –
Jess Ng
on February 15th 2018
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This one’s for all those who heart cats over dogs. Today, we’re looking back at our favorite home tours featuring friends of the feline variety. From a minimalist brick-walled loft to an interior designer’s boho-eclectic hideaway, this round up includes some of the most paw-sitively beautiful homes we’ve ever featured on the site. Could this finally be proof that cat people are better than dog people? Keep reading to discover more.

Chans House

For the owners of Chans House, their cats are not merely pets. They’re an integral addition to the family unit and considered just as much owners of the apartment as their human parents.

Cat Friendly Home Tours: Minimalist gray and yellow modern apartment with white cat and wood details |

Cue a modern minimalist home tour which features some impressive feline-friendly design details.

Cat Friendly Home Tours: Minimalist grey modern apartment with custom cat cubby holes |

As well as a specially-adapted feline bathroom (complete with extractor fan, a cat wardrobe, sandbox and cat toiletry cabinet), the moggies also enjoy built-in cubby holes which function as private entrances to the bathroom and bedroom. What a great way to make your pets feel like this is truly a space of their own!

Gaila’s Home

Gaila’s Home is memorable for many reasons. The delectably curated art for instance, and the medley of mismatched furniture, which lends the Spanish abode its charming bohemian aesthetic.

Cat Friendly Home Tours: Boho-eclectic bedroom with cat on bed |

The amount of natural light flooding the space doesn’t hurt either. But for cat-lovers like myself, it’s her feline friends, Musa and Alton who steal the show.

Cat Friendly Home Tours: Boho-eclectic abode with a mixed medley of furniture and cats |

What’s great about this home is the abundance of nooks and crannies for Gaila’s cats to curl up in. Overall, it’s a playful home for both cats and humans alike.

Wielicka Apartment

Home to a young woman and her shy cat, this Scandinavian-inspired loft apartment is a lesson in how to do clutter-free when living with a pet.

Cat Friendly Home Tours: Scandinavian-inspired loft apartment with dedicated cat corner |

A dedicated corner for the feline members of your household ensures they have a safe space of their own to escape to. This helps to make them feel instantly more at ease, especially in a new home.

House for Booklovers and Cats

Some cats need a lot of love and affection, while other’s play the ‘solitary creature’ persona. Just like humans, our feline friends need some alone time. In this Brooklyn row house, a series of built-in niches and pathways allows for cat residents to retreat with ease.


Cat Friendly Home Tours: Brooklyn row house with special niches and pathways for cats |

High ledges, and a special catwalk in the custom bookcase which leads to the upstairs levels of the house, provide plenty of territory for the cats to explore.

Cat Friendly Home Tours: Brooklyn row house with custom bookcase featuring cat catwalk |

Such design details are particularly good for cats, who instinctually love to climb up to high places. As Rosly Mok explains in our exclusive guide to creating a cat-friendly home, it’s always a good idea for cat owners to think about incorporating adequate vertical space to their abode.

If you like this then you’re going to love our exclusive interview with Rosly Mok of The9Life, a Hong Kong-based lifestyle brand that creates home products and furniture for people who share their homes with cats.


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