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5 Beautiful Ceramic Candle Holders You Won’t Believe Are from Etsy

5 Beautiful Ceramic Candle Holders You Won’t Believe Are from Etsy


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on March 20th 2019
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Etsy is our go-to for creative one-of-a-kind pieces with an artisan twist. A treasure trove of home decor wonders, they’re not exaggerating when they say there’s something for everyone. That’s why when tasked with sourcing a collection of beautiful ceramic candle holders, Etsy was of course our first port of call. Ahead, keep scrolling to discover a round up of our favorites.

Ceramic Candle Holders

Animal Farm

Animal forms and ceramics go together like apples and pie. Case in point, this intricate Tiger with Crescent Moon Candle Holder by The Star and Heart Studio.

Ceramic Candle Holders: Ceramic tiger tea light candle holder from Etsy | NONAGON.style
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Made from off-white earthenware clay, this beauty is sturdier than it looks. The hand-painted details elevate this candle-holder to a bona fide piece of art. Perfect for adding a touch of jungle to your home.

Ceramic Candle Holders: Ceramic fox tealight holder from Etsy | NONAGON.style
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For a cutesy take on animal ceramics, we love this Ceramic Fox Candle Holder by Sava Keramika. While this product is available in a range of animal forms, our pick lies squarely with the fox. We defy anyone not to fall in love with a face like that!

Scandi Style

Candles are a key component of the hygge trend, so it’s no surprise to see that a number of ceramicists have taken their cue from Scandi style. The Basalt and White Ceramic Candle Holder Set by Yahalomis, for instance, looks to Nordic minimalism for inspo.

Ceramic Candle Holders: Scandinavian-inspired tapered candle holder from Etsy | NONAGON.style
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Handmade from local Basalt rocks, the clean lines and simple hues of this pick make for a sleek addition to the home. Even better, this set is a multi-tasker, pulling apart to reveal two taper candle and two tea light holders. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

Ceramic Candle Holders: Gold ceramic plated pebble candle holder from Etsy | NONAGON.style
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Taking its cue from nature, this Pebble Candle Holder Set by Fresh Pottery upgrades organic stone pebbles to luxe status via ceramic gold plating. Each pebble is unique, giving a craftwork feel to each piece. We say treat yourself to a few as they look best clustered in pairs and threes.

Folk Tales

Given their handmade nature and rustic charm, ceramics inherently lend themselves to the kinfolk aesthetic. The Modern Rustic Candle Holder by 1220 Ceramics Studio captures this essence perfectly.

Ceramic Candle Holders: Kinfolk modern rustic candle holders from Etsy | NONAGON.style
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Featuring a vertical bamboo-style pattern, raw texture makes for a modern organic look. This piece delights in showcasing wabi-sabi imperfection to stunning effect. When the candle burns out, fill with your choice of blooms to keep the kinfolk spirit alive.

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