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Changing Skylight Establish Your Own Kitchen Language

Changing Skylight Establish Your Own Kitchen Language

Written by –
Dakota Murphey
on March 14th 2020
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The kitchen was and is the heart of the home – it’s where food is prepared, meals are taken and you can socialise with family and friends. However, this is easier said than done when you live in a building that features an outdated kitchen layout. Contemporary living requires an integrated kitchen/dining space with enough room for everyone to comfortably spend time together. It’s the main reason why modern kitchen extensions are such a popular home improvement.

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Why choose a skylight for your kitchen extension?


Natural light, of course, should be your first consideration when you’re thinking of extending your home. The more daylight you can get into indoor spaces, the brighter the ambience and the more successful the new room will be. This applies particularly to a kitchen/diner or any living area that gets a lot of traffic. After all, no-one will want to spend time in a room that’s dark and gloomy.


In addition to new windows, or bifold doors into the garden, consider other types of glazing to maximise the light. Whether you’re planning a single-story extension to take your kitchen/diner further into the garden, or your home is more suited to a sleek side return extension, don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new roofing.


Just take a look at these two stunning examples to see how the ceiling area can become a major design feature that elevates the room.

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(Image credit: Velux)
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(Image credit: Homes To Love)

The main benefits of installing a skylight or rooflight include


  • Better ventilation – particularly useful in cooking areas
  • Better lighting – floods your kitchen with natural daylight
  • Better energy efficiency – saves on utility bills
  • Installation is unlikely to need planning permission (but check Building Regulations so you don’t exceed the permitted ratio of glass in a single structure)

Where to position your skylight?


Skylights and rooflights let oodles of light into your kitchen extension and make the space feel bright and airy. Crucially, they allow for greater ventilation too. For aesthetic impact, you may wish to place a skylight over a kitchen island or dining area, as is shown beautifully here.

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(Image credit: Real Homes)

While it is perfectly safe to install a skylight or rooflight in this area, we would strongly recommend incorporating an element of sun shading into the window dressing. That way, there’s adequate protection from excessive sun and heat, should it be needed, especially in south and southwest facing rooms.


These days, easy-to-operate skylight and roof lantern blinds are the ideal solution for modern homes wanting to take full advantage of natural light without the downsides. As an alternative, you could consider a skylight with a laminated inner pane made from heat and pressure bonded glass panes with a synthetic interlayer that filters out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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How to choose the right skylight


When it comes to selecting the best skylight, there are plenty of design choices to make. Are you looking for a flat rooflight or a pitched pyramid skylight, a dome or a roof lantern? Would you like the rooflight to open? Is there a roof terrace you need access to? Would you like automatic opening of the window and any blinds or awnings?


A made-to-measure classic fixed skylight is perfect for introducing extra light into your new kitchen. Available as single or multi-pane configurations, they can be made in any size you require – they can even cover the entire length of your new kitchen or side extension if you so wish.


A vented skylight allows for more light as well as fresh air, an important consideration in a food preparation space. For the best of both worlds, how about a combination of the two-part fixed, part opening rooflight?

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