Take a Tour Round Brian and Jessica's Austin Home | NONAGON.style
Take a Tour Round Brian and Jessica’s Austin Home

Take a Tour Round Brian and Jessica’s Austin Home

A welcoming space for guests and visitors too

Isobel McKenzie
Written by –
Isobel McKenzie
on December 22nd 2017
Originally from London, Isobel is enthralled by the curves and lines that make up a city. It's fascinating to see how modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks muddle together. Her Instagram feed @Isobel_McKenzie is usually full of spiral staircases and tall buildings. Can also be found on Twitter.. sometimes.

Avenue F Residence


Brian and Jessica wanted a home that welcomes friends, family and all visitors. And here it is; from the streetside, you see a modern and inviting family home – just wait till you see inside. Working with Clark Richardson Architects, they’ve created a space for themselves that’s contemporary, classic and integrated with respect for its surroundings. Right from the outset, you can see that this home has a happy modern energy that says “Welcome y’all!”.

Exterior shot of Avenue F Residence | NONAGON.style

A front-covered porch frames the entrance, with a car port and path leading to the front door. Mature pecan trees bracket the perimeter and there is a thoughtful mix of materials for the facade.

Dining room with simple colors and a long black table in Scandi-vibe room | NONAGON.style
Living room with placid tones and a Scandi-vibe | NONAGON.style

The dining area unfolds alongside the living and kitchen areas. The long dark table creates a statement; “look at me and eat here!”


Its deep-hued color stain lends it prominence in the center of the calm room.

Living room with open plan feel | NONAGON.style

Rossini Trevi leather sofas compose the living room space, with sleek metal minimalist coffee tables taking up less room than the sturdy wooden mix-and-match centre tables. Floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors make sure the room is flooded with light, giving it a warmth and enjoyable energy.

Open plan kitchen to living room | NONAGON.style

In an open plan room such as this, the rug helps to center the living room area. Set against the concrete flooring, a rug is softer underfoot and lightens the mood.

Kitchen during construction | NONAGON.style
Kitchen with views over the garden | NONAGON.style

Doing the dishes is not exactly a fun task, but at least being by the window you have something to look at! In this kitchen, the view looks out to the garden, pool and firepit. Materials include Hanstone Quartz countertops which are scratch and stain resistant, and also features on the kitchen island.

During construction - seeing the skeleton of the family home | NONAGON.style

Construction took place over two years. There were some restrictions in how high the building could go, as the vernacular language of the neighborhood featured single story houses.


With the main house and a guest suite attached behind. The guest house serves as a dual function; to allow long-term guests but to also be separate enough to rent out. Slightly detached from the main house it can be accessed at street level, and shares the small pool.

Exterior wall for Sydney home | NONAGON.style
Before photo of the frames in construction for Avenue F Residence | NONAGON.style
Pool view of Avenue F Residence | NONAGON.style
Outside view of dining tables interior and exterior | NONAGON.style

One of the family’s favorite bits of their new house is the relationship between the rear pool to the back patio, and the kitchen. It all flows seamlessly together with both the look and movement of space.

Clean and simple uncluttered lines in the bathroom | NONAGON.style

For me one of the things that I like about the house is the serenity of the master bedroom. After entertaining guests, welcoming visitors and providing a joyful space for gathering, it’s important to be able to relax in your private serenity.  The master bedroom occupies the entire upper floor of the main house. Views open on two sides, between those pecan trees, offering the North Austin scenescape beyond.

Bedroom with deep wood tones paired with light grays | NONAGON.style

What Brian and Jessica love most about the house is how flexible their living space is. The circulation of movement, ability to use the shared spaces in so many ways, and the great space-saving cupboards allow them to feel at home. And to let you feel at home too!


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