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Introducing Our Favorite Closet Organization Hacks

Introducing Our Favorite Closet Organization Hacks

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Allena Rissa
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Allena Rissa
on February 9th 2019
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You have enough space and a relatively sensible amount of clothes, yet still your closet is a mess. Sound familiar? Most of the time, a messy closet comes from not having a designated location for every piece. But fear not, we can have that sorted in no time thanks to these easy closet organization hacks. Full disclosure, these hacks are not magic. However, they do prevent unnecessary clutter by allocating spots for all your items. Keep reading for more!

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Sort Clothes by Category

You can fold or hang clothes nicely, however, you’ll still have a hard time dressing up or finding specific pieces if there isn’t some sort of order to your closet. Depending on your habits or lifestyle, grouping similar clothes together will make your organization more coherent, and can even cut down on prep time in the morning!

Some ideas for sorting categories include sorting by use (e.g. workwear, activewear etc.); sorting by color; sorting by type (e.g. intimates, tops, bottoms and outerwear); or sorting by style.

Use Open Shelves or Shoe Organizers for Accessories

Using open shelves to display your accessories is a fantastic, visually-satisfying way of organization. What’s more, being able to see what you have will ensure that you actually get use out of all the items in your closet!

Alternatively, if you’re short on space, shoe organizers with single compartments or pockets work great for loose items like scarves and belts. Roll them up and insert them vertically so you can see all the items in each pocket.

Use Drawer Dividers for Smaller Items

Spacious storage drawers are both a blessing and a curse. You either end up arranging the items in it neatly but not maximizing the space, or the other way around. Luckily for you, we’re happy to report that there’s a perfect in-between: drawer dividers!

With underwear and socks, you’re better off rolling instead of folding them. Then just put them side by side in the divider compartments – the drawer divider will do the rest!

Store Miscellaneous Items in Baskets

If there’s one thing we learnt from Marie Kondo, it’s that baskets and boxes are your best friend.

They provide a place for items that don’t really fit a big category in your closet. Just make sure you label the boxes they’re in so you won’t forget about them.

Hang Jewelry on the Wall or Closet Door

Jewelry isn’t only embellishment for your body; it can also work as decor for your closet as well.

Nailing hooks on your closet walls or doors are the best way to work them into a beautiful display, preventing them from tangling up in the process.

Do you have any closet organization hacks that you swear by? Let us know in the comments!


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