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“Brewtiful” Coffee Station Decor Ideas for Coffee Lovers

“Brewtiful” Coffee Station Decor Ideas for Coffee Lovers

From farmhouse inspired to modern industrial

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on May 17th 2019
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Coffee lovers can’t start their new day without at least one cup of joe to perk them up in the morning. But given the cost, the plastic issue, and the distance, a daily run to the coffee shop is ill advised when you have the option of doing it at home. Setting up your coffee station in the kitchen is therefore a no-brainer. Save yourself time in the morning and get that caffeine buzz!

Farmhouse Inspired Coffee Station

Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor: Modern farmhouse inspired coffee bar station with a rustic look |
image source

Create a farmhouse-style coffee station balancing rustic simplicity and modern charm.  As you can see, the wood cabinetry in neutral tones offers a fresh, clean look that fits well with the hardware and accessories of the space. Rustic presence combined with greenery contribute to a restful setting.


Moreover, to stay consistent with style you could use pallets for additional space and store coffee mugs, machine accessories, and condiments atop.

Coffee Station with Chalkboard Accents

Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor: Coffee station with chalkboard accents |
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For real coffee shop vibes, why not decorate your coffee station with chalkboard paint to add your personal touch, be it any coffee related quotes or thoughts of the day. This easy homemade decoration provides a warm welcome to the day and a guaranteed great focal point in your kitchen decor. Wake up in the morning, savor the fresh-brewed aromas of your morning coffee.

Rolling Cart Coffee Station

Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor: Coffee station with rolling cart |

Rolling carts are a functional and practical alternative in a small kitchen area, also working perfectly as a mini coffee station. With the wheels, a trolley like this can be flexibly moved to wherever you need it for easy access. Note however, it’s important that you move the cart carefully in case you spill the coffee or break the coffee machine.

Hanging Coffee Station

Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor: Hanging Coffee Station |

Another trick to organize your coffee essentials is to elevate your cups from a rail and store supplies along a shelf. This hanging coffee station made from the wooden pallet and metal hooks is a fantastic option to decorate the empty wall and place your mug collection without taking up much counter space. Keep the brewing machines and jars inside the storage shelf at the bottom for a clean effect.

Industrial Pipe Coffee Cart

Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor: Industrial Style Pipe Coffee Cart |
image source

Industrial decor is a budget-friendly option and using only a few metal elements will do the trick. Set against a rustic backdrop, the wooden panels make use of the smallest space possible where coffee machines and coffee-making supplies are all well-organized. Meanwhile, the industrial vibe of the coffee bar that comes in black pipe is softened by muted colors of the reclaimed wood and potted greeneries, exuding a mind-relaxing ambience.

Built-in Coffee Zone

Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor: Cabinet transformed tiny coffee station |

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough space to build a coffee bar, repurpose the cabinet and turn it into a personal coffee station so as to save room and add flare. The built-in shelving provides plenty of space for keeping your coffee maker, jars, and coffee accessories well-organized. Hiding your coffee maker inside the cabinet can also declutter the kitchen counter. In this example they’ve even worked in a pot filler tap to the cupboard to save extra steps. Consider something like this in your next kitchen remodel project!

What are your thoughts on these coffee themed decor ideas? How would you recreate these spaces in your home?


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