Goodbye Neutrals, Hello Gorgeous Color Palette! |
Goodbye Neutrals, Hello Gorgeous Color Palette!

Goodbye Neutrals, Hello Gorgeous Color Palette!

Introduce bursts of color to your room, march to a different drummer!

Written by –
Dakota Murphey
on November 28th 2019
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There is no doubt that neutral color patterns reigned supreme in the home for a long time. But times are changing and perhaps at long last we’re saying goodbye to neutrals. Take a look at new interiors trends and you’ll now see riots of color and bold patterns everywhere – on walls and floors, furniture, soft furnishings, and accessories. Isn’t it exciting to discover how color can completely transform the feel of a room and inject fresh energy into your home?


Whether you’re ready to nix the neutrals and embrace the rainbow, or need a bit of guidance to dip your decorating toes into pots of bright paint, here’s how you can make your home more colorful.

color accessories interior design home decor furniture inspiration
Rainbow-like home | image source

Colour and mood


Choosing a new color or color scheme for your home can be a daunting task. Before you’re ready to rush out to the shops, stop and think about what you wish to achieve. Are you restyling your living room with a warm, cozy or cool, sophisticated vibe? Looking for bedroom decorating ideas that are calming without being boring? Want to bring natural elements into your kitchen? With a bit of thought, vibrant color can be used to achieve all of the above and more.


A mood board is a good starting point to help collect together your ideas of how you would like each room to feel, and the colors you have in mind. Create an online mood board with Pinterest and use the internet as a rich source of inspiration for favorite room schemes and layouts. Use a good old-fashioned scrapbook to compile pictures from magazines and catalogs, including photos of any of your existing furniture pieces or fabrics you wish to incorporate. Get samples of wallpaper, fabric and other materials and put it all together until you are happy with the result.


If you’re worried that bold, dark colors make a room look smaller, don’t be. Take a tip from the pros and add intimacy, depth, and drama to a light challenged room with dark hues such as navy or charcoal. Paint woodwork and furniture in the same color to enhance the effect, and add plenty of good lighting.

color accessories interior design home decor furniture inspiration
Choose right colors to express the mood | image source

Get painting


One of the cheapest and easiest ways to transform a room is by painting the walls in a fresh new shade. Once you’ve selected your paint color(s), set aside a day or a weekend and get busy – you’ll be amazed by the transformation a few pots of paint can make. And in the unlikely event that the result doesn’t quite turn out the way you hoped, what’s the worst that can happen? You don’t like it and paint over it – no big deal. There’s really no point in being afraid of trying something new.


Painting a whole room can be a bit much, particularly if you’ve chosen a very bright shade of, say, yellow or orange. In this case, consider decorating just one wall or make a feature out of a fireplace or alcove. A feature wall in a vibrant color may be more than enough to get the effect you’re after, and can completely change the focal point of your living room, dining room or kitchen.

color accessories interior design home decor furniture inspiration
Decorate one wall with yellow | image source

When choosing a color scheme for walls, floors, furniture, soft furnishing and accessories, interior designers abide by the Rule of Three to ensure that a room has positive energy; two colors can make the space feel flat. With that in mind, the main color should be used for 60-70% of the space, a secondary color for around 20-30% and an accent color for the remaining 10%. You can mix in neutral shades as ‘free colors’ too.


Don’t be scared to use color in your home in unexpected ways. Why stop at walls when you could paint the woodwork too? Take a fresh look at your skirting boards, dado rails, doors, frames, and window sills and incorporate them into your color scheme. Wooden bookcases also look great when given a paint treatment, especially when the inside back panel has a contrasting color to the frame and outside.

color accessories interior design home decor furniture inspiration
Painting wooden bookcases | image source

Accessorise in color


Even without redecorating or wanting to go completely color crazy on the walls, you can still transform your home with the addition of bright colors. From statement pendant lights to fancy floor rugs, this is where accessories take on a whole new dimension. Why not stay neutral on walls, floors and big-ticket furniture such as sofas and armchairs, and inject color with cheaper items that you can update as and when the mood strikes you.


Nothing adds a pop of color like strategically placed scatter cushions or throws on chairs and sofas. Choose a solid color to complement the room theme or experiment with bold patterns to liven things up a bit, adding interest without going over the top.


Use artwork and photography on the walls to introduce bursts of color to the room. Against the backdrop of neutral walls, your pieces will take center stage, creating a gallery-like environment with a single statement piece of groups of smaller pictures.


On the floor, a beautiful rug with a colorful pattern that ties into the theme of your room will draw the eye down and add interest underfoot.


Finally, ask Mother Nature to lend a hand too. From lush green indoor palms to herbs on the window sill or colorful floral arrangements, the added organic elements in your home will provide a dose of color, fragrance and life.

color accessories interior design home decor furniture inspiration
Use artwork and photography on the walls to introduce colors to the room. | image source
color accessories interior design home decor furniture inspiration
Accessorise in color | image source

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