Colorful Living Room Render Is a Tale of Two Halves |
Studio Living Room Render Is a Tale of Two Halves

Studio Living Room Render Is a Tale of Two Halves

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on June 28th 2018
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When you’re as indecisive as we are, the worst part of the interior design process has to be the choosing of an overall aesthetic. On the one hand, the cool minimalist in us wants a sleek contemporary space which makes use of monotone colors and chic forms. The playful whimsical side of us just wants to be pretty in pink. Yes, the struggle is real.


Luckily for us, this week’s colorful living room render by reveals a way for us to have our cake and eat it. Let’s take a closer look.

A Tale of Two Halves

Never again face the impossible dilemma of having to choose between two contrasting hues. Simply split your room in half – problem solved! Here’s how to do it.

Colorful living room render with pink and charcoal details by |

Grounding Neutrals

The first rule of making this clash of colors work – figure out your neutrals. For reference, neutral tones include shades of white, gray, beige, taupe, and even black. Before you do anything else, you’re going to want to test out which of these shades work well with your chosen color combination. Here, it’s shades of gray and tan leather which work best with the chosen charcoal and pink aesthetic.


Furniture Choice

The majority of your functional furniture items should be informed by your chosen neutrals. It’s important that the furniture you choose works with both of your contrasting wall colors. Given the diversity in the room already, you want your furniture pieces to be cohesive. The look we’re going for is after all more artful than chaotic mess.



To pull the final look together, make sure to add accents of the opposing color to each half of the room. Notice the darker charcoal artwork on the pink side of the living room above? What about the pink floral accents in the darker half of the space? These small details help bring the two halves of your room together as one.

What do you think of this colorful living room render? Let us know in the comments!


Remember to head on over to to see more amazing of their work. There’s plenty of inspiration for your next home design project. What’s more, you can even outsource your rendering and styling to so you can save time in your projects.



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