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Our Favorite Non-Residential Spaces of 2018

Our Favorite Non-Residential Spaces of 2018

Includes schools, shops and a therapy center

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on December 25th 2018
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One of our personal goals this year at was to expand the breadth of our ‘design tours’ portfolio to include all manner of non-residential and commercial interior design projects. We’re fascinated by if and how designers adapt or acclimatize their style for public spaces. What’s more, we love how non-residential projects can oftentimes allow designers to execute their visions on a far grander scale than a private family home.


True to our word, 2018 saw a range of features focused solely on commercial and non-residential spaces. From an innovative contemporary school (complete with marine biology feature and treehouse), to a Scandinavian zen therapy center, here were our favorites.

Garage Collective

Location: Hong Kong

Design: Elaine Tsung

Commercial Interior Design 2018: Industrial Garage Collective co-working space with double height steel frame windows |
image source

If our foray into commercial interior design taught us anything this year, it’s that co-working spaces are increasingly positioning themselves at the forefront of contemporary design trends. Innovative design is, after all, one of their key selling points. And on this front, Hong Kong’s Garage Collective is winning. The former coffee warehouse brings together style and business functionality in what is arguably a millennial’s dream office. Highlights include its dreamy double height aspect and steel frame glass window facade.


See the full Garage Collective tour HERE.

Commercial Interior Design 2018: Innovative contemporary classroom design at The Harbour School with flexible walls and custom door heights |
image source

Experiential learning meets innovative design in what is possibly the coolest school in the world. We especially loved how the architecture of this space both embraces and embodies the school’s flexible, child-centered teaching philosophy. A towering treehouse and marine biology center help to stimulate the imagination. Meanwhile, flexible classroom design and custom door heights encourage agility and ownership. If only we could go back to being a kid for the day to try the school out for ourselves!


Head HERE to experience the full tour of The Harbour School.


Location: Ukraine

Design: Olga Fradina

Commercial Interior Design 2018: Earthy hues and natural textures in Kamala therapy center by Olga Fradina |
image source

Rich earthy hues and warm natural textures make the Kamala Center unlike any counselling space we’ve seen before. It looks more like someone’s home than a clinical office, and that’s the whole point of Fradina’s design. Casual seating and mismatched ceramics create an informal environment which encourages relaxation and zen. Even though this is a non-residential space, you can bet we’ll be taking home style notes for our very own abodes.


See more of the Kamala Center HERE.

Medly Pharmacy

Location: New York

Design: Sergio Mannino

Commercial Interior Design 2018: Clean minimal pharmacy concept with a whimsical twist by Sergio Mannino |
image source

Though Mannino states that he had no particular inspiration in mind for the design of Brooklyn’s Medly Pharmacy, we think this quirky minimalist space gives off distinct Wes Anderson vibes. Maybe it’s the slightly kitsch geometric floor tiles, or the borderline pastel green and aqua color scheme. Either way, we love how this touch of whimsy adds a playful edge to the typically serious and clinical pharmacy retail environment.


Click HERE for the full tour.

Commercial Interior Design 2018: Industrial brutalist-inspired Skyplay daycare center with sandbox and statement indoor trees |
image source

With its industrial aesthetic and abundance of raw, organic materials, the Skyplay North Perth School of Learning is a far cry from the typical plasticity of most other childcare centers. Yet as a bright and visually stimulating educational space, it totally works! The sophisticated nature of the chosen style is nicely balanced by the playful sandbox and statement trees. Overall, much like The Harbour School, it makes for a fascinating contemporary take on educational architecture.


See more of the Skyplay tour HERE.

What were your favorite commercial interior design projects of 2018?


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