Common Misconceptions About Feng Shui with Thierry Chow |
Common Misconceptions About Feng Shui with Thierry Chow

Common Misconceptions About Feng Shui with Thierry Chow

Do you really need windchimes?

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on February 8th 2019
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Whatever you already know about feng shui, chances are there might be one or two non-truths in that knowledge jar. We asked feng shui consultant and fashion designer, Thierry Chow to give us the lowdown to help debunk the feng shui facts from fiction.

Feng Shui Means Decorating in a Chinese Style

False. You can decorate your home however you want using feng shui elements.

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Feng Shui is a Religion

False. Feng shui is not a religion, simply a way to arrange your environment to have better energy.

Common feng shui misconceptions |
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Feng Shui Deals With Ghosts

Nope, not really..

Feng shui misconceptions.. does feng shui ward off ghosts? |
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There are a Lot of Rules!

Actually.. yes. But it doesn’t mean it’s boring or hard to follow.

Design Tips for Minimalist Color: Bright and spacious minimalist hallway with statement staircase |
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You Must Always Do What the Feng Shui Master Tells You

False. It’s important to listen to the feng shui master, but there are things that both you and the master should discuss. There should be room for compromise.

Design Tips for Minimalist Color: Art Deco emerald green and gold kitchen cabinets with terrazzo counter top |
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Feng Shui is a “Magic Pill” for Problem Solving

False. Feng shui is one of the ways it can help somebody to have a better life, but it comes with everything else in the world. Eat healthy and exercise along with feng shui for a good package to being happy and healthy.

A hanging nook behind the door makes the perfect storage spot |
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Houses Must Be Neat and Tidy for Feng Shui to Work

False. It is important to have a house clean and tidy most of the time, but it doesn’t have to be all the time. Feng shui accepts different people, it allows every single person to have a better environment.


Does every room require a candle for feng shui to work? Debunking common misconceptions with feng shui consultant Thierry Chow |
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You Need a Candle in Every Room

False. You don’t need candles in every room. But there are certain rooms you can put a candle.. the more colorful the better.



Commercial Interior Design 2018: Industrial Garage Collective co-working space with double height steel frame windows |
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Feng Shui is Not the Same as Interior Design

False. Totally depends on the feng shui master wants to provide that or not.

Bathroom Design Inspiration 2018: Whimsical red and pink tiled bathroom with round mirror and matte finishes |
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You Have to Have Lots of Mirrors and Windchimes

Not always, you can have those elements. But there are many other ways to also welcome prosperity through feng shui.

Which common feng shui misconception has surprised you? Leave a comment below and let us know.


Stay tuned to hear more from Thierry Chow, in an upcoming interview!


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