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Westport Family Home Built With the Future in Mind

Westport Family Home Built With the Future in Mind

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on August 20th 2016
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Campo Beach House


Compo Beach is a neighborhood in Westport, Connecticut. A young family from NYC recently bought this handsome house, a spec home that was still in the middle of construction. They’d never owned a home before, so this was their chance to start afresh with the kids, and design something that will last through the next few decades.


This home tour is a look around the finished piece, with some lovely detailing and family-friendly designs that are perfectly suitable for the children while they’re young and are sophisticated enough for the grown ups. What you’ll notice is there’s definitely a laid back feel to the family home, which reflects the personalities of the owners.

White sofa in contemporary living room, Connecticut | NONAGON.style

What is a spec home? Often, construction companies will start to build homes without a specific home owner in mind, but for a potential or speculative buyer – these are spec homes. Quite often, the house will be built or still in the middle of construction with the designs already laid out. You can see what you’ll get from the house before it’s finished, saving time and costs compared to starting from scratch as you might with a custom home. This home was snapped up by an attorney and her husband about a quarter of the way into construction. They chose to bring in interior designer Denise Davies to help with the finishing touches.

Living room in Connecticut with clean modern style | NONAGON.style

The family wanted to move in without too much delay, so picking out the details and style needed to happen quickly. Overall it took four months to get the final decorating done. The family room has simple millwork laid in over the ceiling. It makes the room feel refined to have those extra flourishes and detail.


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Clean and simple dining room | NONAGON.style

The home maintains a neutral palette, and this is a popular choice among home owners who are looking for longevity. It makes it easier to switch things around and play up different areas with new items as the home grows and shapes. The sandy tones feel relaxed and laid back, so this family room and dining area are a calm place to gather. As well as flowing through from lounge area through to dining and kitchen, the sheer curtains dress the French doors that lead directly to the pool outside.

Kitchen in simple tones with marble island block | NONAGON.style

Well you can’t say the kitchen doesn’t have any storage. There is a great variety of cabinets, cupboards, drawers and shelves to keep the kitchen clear and uncluttered. There is plenty of space for food preparation and it all fits in nicely with the rest of the home. Particularly I like the dome pendant lights in the room, which add a bit of roundness to the sharper lines of the cabinetry. They also look a bit like mason jars – very fitting for the kitchen!

Kitchen banquette and dining area in blue tones | NONAGON.style

For informal dining what do you think of this rounded eating area? The curved banquette was custom made for this nook overlooking the garden, and it is made with easy to wipe down textiles. The retro table and chairs from Design Within Reach lighten up the mood and the chevron blinds say this is a fun corner! It’s a place where it’s okay to eat popsicles after coming in from the pool.

Blue living room with fireplace and glass chandelier | NONAGON.style

No rooms are off limits to the kids, even the formal dining room. Fitted in blues and grays, the wool covers for the sofas are designs to be easily washed, and the curves of the coffee table are rounded so that even if the children jump around they’re less likely to hit themselves on something sharp.

Media room with brown creamy tones | NONAGON.style

What would you say is essential in a media room? I’d say it’s cozy seating! If you are setting up a media room, or a home cinema area, you want to make sure the area can be darkened so that there are no distractions or reflections on the screen. Setting the mood for movie night are the retro Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Kennedy pillows – from the Jonathan Adler needlepoint collection.

Formal seating with banquette in the hallway | NONAGON.style

Up on the landing at the top of the stairs is this simple seating. When you’re choosing a carpet for the hallway, remember that stairs and thoroughfares incur a lot of traction, so it’s good to use darker colors as they are less susceptible to being worn down and picking up stains. The long photo above the daybed invokes a calm and serene vibe.

Home office with taupe tones | NONAGON.style
Bedroom with modern classical style and curtains with hanging chandelier | NONAGON.style
Bedroom with traditional modern style | NONAGON.style
Classic bedroom style with abstract art | NONAGON.style
Taupe bedroom with traditional modern styling | NONAGON.style
Bathroom with taupe colors and white pairings | NONAGON.style

When you have the space for it in the bathroom, splash out on your bathtub. In this room it immediately updates the decor to spa feel. What is also interesting to note is the direction of the bathroom tiles is not simply in line running perpendicular with the walls but at a bit of an angle, which makes the room feel quite expansive. I’m also a huge fan of the art deco pendant lamp in the ceiling.


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Classic colors and simple shapes, white contemporary bedroom with cool styling | NONAGON.style

It’s great to see the bed taking center stage in the guest room! Often we see beds working as the base or neutral for the rest of the room to shine, but the guest bedroom really is a place you can take risks. Here the bed is flamboyant with its bold blue fish scale patterns, and works well as the focal point from which the rest of the room is designed around. I also really like the detailing of the ceiling lamp, and its lacy pattern.

Blue walls in children's bedroom and Miffy style art | NONAGON.style

This is a child’s bedroom, with plenty of fun and playful colors. The art on the walls are by New York urban pop artist Charlie Green.

Blue children's room in Connecticut | NONAGON.style

The New York pillow is similar to the ones found in the media room, but this time it matches just perfectly with the bed covers! The kids room has been designed in a way that is easy to update as the child grows up, with furniture large enough for a bigger child and not skimping on style; I really like the shape of the gray bed and the blue chair with their hairpin legs. The blue wall is also easy to adapt to a teenager’s room.

Kids playroom | NONAGON.style

The art on the walls in the children’s play room is by Italian designer Enzo Mari. They definitely pop against the furnishings in the room, making it quite playful.

Connecticut home with swimming pool | NONAGON.style

I’m sure this new Westport family home will serve them well over the years. The finishes are great for a family to grow into, with simple details that will grow old gracefully.

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