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This Contemporary Bachelor Pad Will Make You Rethink Masculine Decor

This Contemporary Bachelor Pad Will Make You Rethink Masculine Decor

If you can take your eyes off the killer view

Written by –
Jess Ng
on April 12th 2019
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Continental Place Apartment


After ten years living in rural Alaska, a reluctant move to downtown Seattle was made all the more bearable for the owner of this urban condominium thanks to Hoedemaker Pfeiffer’s rustic chic design. Blending Northwest urban gentility with rich Alaskan textures and a killer view, the result is a warm and inviting masculine home suitable for a bachelor and his visiting daughters. Let’s take a closer look at this contemporary bachelor pad.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Warm and cozy living room with wood panel ceiling and rich lived-in textures |

“It felt important to acknowledge the experience of a single man living in Alaska in the work we did. We wanted to invoke something that was respectful of his rural life without being patronizing. The aesthetic is intended to be masculine, contemporary, and comfortable.” – Steve Hoedemaker, Designer and Co-Founder

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Cozy masculine living room design with wood ceiling and leather accents |

Modern Rusticity

Upon entering Continental Place, a flexible open plan living space flanked by arresting views of the coastal skyline and city vista ensures this apartment is a showstopper from the get-go.


Drawing inspiration from their client’s love of the outdoors, Hoedemaker Pfeiffer have embraced a modern rustic theme. Think wood panel ceilings matched with weathered leather and rich textural layers. The final look exudes a casually-eclectic vibe which redefines the typical masculine aesthetic.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Open plan living space with casual eclectic aesthetic |

Flexible Living

Given the apartment’s tight footprint, flexibility was key to ensuring this home encompassed the dining and entertaining space its owner craved. As Tim Pfeiffer, designer and co-founder of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, explains, “with a limited foot print we developed the new plan the way one designs a boat. Every space has a function, with many flexing from one use to another.”

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Flexible breakfast nook transforms into guest bedroom |

An open plan layout provides plenty of room to entertain friends and family. Meanwhile, a breakfast nook does double duty as a curtained-off sleeping compartment for the owner’s visiting daughters. It’s a far cry from the original 80s-era floor plan which chopped the apartment into small spaces, blocking natural light and those swoon-worthy views.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Open plan dining room with vintage Japanese wood table |

“For us, a really successful interior erases evidence of the designer when we walk out the door. It should be the owner’s presence that is left, not our signature.” – Hoedemaker.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Open plan living space with breathtaking coastal view |

An Open Plan Layout

When it comes to open plan spaces, a common design dilemma revolves around the issue of zoning. In other words, how do you create distinct ‘rooms’ without walls? For Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, the answer lay in dropped wood ceilings which worked to define the kitchen and living areas. Here, warm woods with a variation on texture and color were used in order to differentiate each area from the next.


Conversely, the team were careful to create a sense of continuity thorough their decor choices. Natural textures, silvered wood and bronze accents, and a chic dark oak floor are a common thread throughout this space. This helps to create an effortlessly fluid overall look.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Rustic kitchen with warm wood accents and open shelves |

City of Light

In the kitchen, light mahogany cabinetry and ceilings brighten the darkest depths of the apartment. At the same time, warm white walls throughout the open living space work as reflectors for the abundance of natural light. Even on the grayest of Seattle days, the space shines.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Warm rustic kitchen with light mahogany cabinetry |

“There is a decided juxtaposition of contemporary, modern and vintage elements complementing these shared spaces. Though rustic, the 19th-century Japanese Tansu, 18th-century kitchen table, and midcentury cane and leather kitchen chairs play well together amidst a very built environment. Natural woven fabrics and tribal designs reflect the client’s background and a regional vocabulary.” – Pfeiffer.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Warm eclectic master bedroom with tribal art and striped textures |

Work of Art

Dotted around the home, a local collection of paintings, photography and etchings adds an extra layer of dimension and personality. “Within this fairly quiet aesthetic, I wanted each piece to create a moment of thoughtful pause while building a graphic lexicon and visual narrative to complement the lifestyle of the client,” comments Pfeiffer.


“We wanted the apartment to reflect his life,” adds Hoedemaker, “so the interiors are a collection of well-curated objects based on his life of travel, rather than a trip to the design center.”

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Boho-eclectic master bedroom with wood accents |

Final Thoughts

From the beginning, Hoedemaker Pfeiffer had their work cut out for them. I mean, just how do you compete with a view like that? Well, as it turns out, you can’t.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad: Bright balcony terrace with industrial accents and boho eclectic styling |

Instead, the team worked to enhance and complement the panoramic vista. In the end, a pared-back modern rustic aesthetic which draws on the great outdoors quietly allows the view to become the main event. And I think we can all agree that Continental Place is all the better for it.

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