Render of the Week: Contemporary Bohemian Chic |
Contemporary Meets Boho-Chic in Luxe Living Room

Contemporary Meets Boho-Chic in Luxe Living Room

Contemporary bohemian is officially our new favorite design style

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on May 31st 2018
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One of the hottest design styles right now has to be the bohemian-chic aesthetic dominating our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Complete with greenery and organic natural accents, the whole summer sunshine look is perfect for those wanting a little vacation dreaming in their everyday lives.


But what if your space is designed to be more contemporary cool than eclectic? Is it possible to mix the two opposing styles together in a way that actually looks good? Well according to our render of the week from, absolutely! Let’s take a closer look.

Contemporary Bohemian Chic

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, bringing together two opposing design styles is a fantastic way to create a wholly unique look. The key is to be adaptive and imaginative in your styling.

Render of the Week: Contemporary bohemian living room with green plants and rattan lampshade |

Modern Luxe

In this week’s studio render for instance, our favorite bohemian decor accents are given a modern-luxe twist for seamless integration into a classically contemporary space. Can you spot the rattan lampshade in gray? And that beautiful sleek leather upholstered pouf? Both are an elevated take on eclectic chic design staples, balancing with the room’s Scandi-vibe.


Cohesion is Key

Another thing to note is how the space is tied together through a strictly cool-toned neutral color palette. In most cases, the key to a cohesive look is a unified design style. However, if you’re going to be mixing design styles instead, then you need to find another overall theme for your space. In addition to color, you may also want to consider a texture-based theme, such as woody accents.

What do you think of this contemporary bohemian home? Let us know in the comments!


Remember to head on over to to see more amazing of their work. There’s plenty of inspiration for your next home design project. What’s more, you can even outsource your rendering and styling to so you can save time in your projects.



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