Contemporary Office Design By Olga Koshcheeva |
Contemporary Office Design Showcases Subtle Femininity and City Views

Contemporary Office Design Showcases Subtle Femininity and City Views

Cue the office-envy!

Written by –
Jess Ng
on January 25th 2019
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Moscow City Skyscraper


Not so long ago, the corporate office was the last place I’d look to for ‘of the moment’ interior inspiration. But oh how times have changed. These days, a stylish office is a given for any company serious about the quality of their brand, resulting in the rebirth of the workplace as a design haven.


It’s under these circumstances that Russian interior designer Olga Koshcheeva came to lend her expertise to a private office overlooking the heart of Moscow. Her client wanted the new look to be more ‘feminine, fresh and gracious’. Let’s see how Koshcheeva got on.

Contemporary office design with muted pastel palette and city views |

Contemporary Office Design

A Man’s World

Before renovation, the office was very much a man’s space. Simple, office-like – and completely devoid of design. And that allowed Koshcheeva to start from scratch. “We left the wallpaper and the floor finish, [but] all the rest (wall color, furniture) was changed,” explains the designer.

Contemporary office design with muted pastel palette and custom wood partition |

“As a designer I was very happy to have “yes” answers to almost all of my suggestions.”

Contemporary office design inspired by a Leon Bakst painting |

Inspired By Art

One of the main inspirations for this space was the reproduction of Leon Bakst’s dancer painting, pictured above. The challenge was to create a concept that would seamlessly ‘marry’ the artwork, wallpaper and city view. Cue a muted palette of pastel neutrals pierced with bolder black accents.

Contemporary office design with muted pastel pink chairs and custom wood sideboard |

Custom Made

To make the space truly her client’s own, Koshcheeva turned to the use of custom furniture. Here, both the partition and sideboard were especially designed for the space. “We had to choose materials from the stock in Russia, and while wood is not a problem here, the Alcantara for the sideboard doors finish was a challenge,” reveals Koshcheeva.

Contemporary office design featuring custom wood partition with graphic accents |

The partition in particular is an interesting addition to the furniture lineup. Traditionally found in the ladies dressing room, its robust wood structure and graphic lines give this piece a professional makeover. Placed next to the floor to ceiling windows, the patterns of the partition work to create beautiful shadows across the space.

Contemporary office design featuring Scandi-inspired mustard yellow sofa and glass coffee table |

Do Not Disturb

While the design itself was relatively straightforward, the logistics of implementing said design in a working office proved to be more difficult. “We had to work quickly, delicately, without disturbing those who work in the space,” remembers Koshcheeva. Working weekends ensured that the elevators were free for bringing up furniture deliveries.

Contemporary office design featuring sleek black lounge chair and gold accented coffee table |

Final Thoughts

Neutral tones and polished accents keep this contemporary office design work-appropriate, yet pops of muted pastel and intriguing works of art infuse personality and femininity. Overall, Koshcheeva has epitomized the perfect vision of work-life balance in interior form, and both myself and her client absolutely love it. What do you think of this contemporary office design?

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