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3 Exciting Russian Designers to Watch

3 Exciting Russian Designers to Watch

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Written by –
Jess Ng
on June 2nd 2018
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From the colorful domes of Saint Basil’s Cathedral to the majestic Bolshoi Theater, it’s clear that Russia has a long history of producing beautiful design. Although these landmarks may be over a century old, I’m pleased to report that this tradition shows no signs of slowing. Ahead, three exciting Russian designers to watch.

Olga Koshcheeva

As one half of the design duo behind Studio 5.15, Koshcheeva’s experience spans both residential and commercial projects alike.

Russian Designers to Watch: Elegantly minimal living room with yellow sofa and artwork designed by Olga Koshcheeva | NONAGON.style
image source

Inspired by Italian architects Piero Portaluppi and Carlo Scarpa, their influence is evident in Koshcheeva’s refined yet vibrant aesthetic. Her style is unapologetically luxe, but never in a way that feels brash or tacky. Overall, it’s the perfect balance of contemporary cool mixed with old school glamour.

Russian Designers to Watch: Bedroom with elegant swallow wallpaper and glamorous gold Art Deco accents designed by Olga Koshcheeva | NONAGON.style
image source

One of my favorite projects by Koshcheeva has to be the Moscow Apartment we featured last year. Here, Koshcheeva does an excellent job in creating a standout modern family home. From the elegantly minimal living quarters to the more intimate and cozy private bedrooms, this project really shows off the breadth of Koshcheeva’s abilities. You’d never know that this was one of her first projects.


Check out the full home tour of the Moscow Apartment here.

Ruetemple Studio

One thing to know about Ruetemple is that they’re experts at thinking outside the box.

Russian Designers to Watch: Open plan minimal living room with wood accents and suspended net play area designed by Ruetemple Studio | NONAGON.style
image source

From a meditation cube complete with its own garden, to a suspended net play area, Ruetemple certainly get top marks when it comes to creativity. But while their projects may appear quirky, they are always grounded in the practicalities of their clients’ every day lives.

Russian Designers to Watch: Minimalist living room with unique meditation cube designed by Ruetemple Studio | NONAGON.style
image source

Case in point – the Living Space ‘cube design’. Though the featured meditation cube looks kooky at first, its flexible design transforms the living room into a multi-use space. Talk about clever!


See more of the Living Space ‘cube design’ here.

A61 Architectural Bureau

For A61, thoughtful design with a consideration for sustainability is a key philosophy that underlines all of their projects.

Russian Designers to Watch: Striking living room with big window and wood panel ceiling designed by A61 Architectural Bureau | NONAGON.style
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As a team of architects, engineers and designers, A61 strive to create high-quality visual solutions for the urban planning sector. What makes A61 really stand out from the crowd however is their concern for a building’s future viability.

Russian Designers to Watch: Wood panel wrapped facade of a forest home designed by A61 Architectural Bureau | NONAGON.style
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The result is timeless design mixed with a forward thinking approach to technicality. Whether it’s an old colonial townhouse restoration or a Scandinavian-inspired new build, their projects are made to stand the test of the time. And let’s face it, when they look this beautiful, why wouldn’t you want to spend the rest of your days and beyond there?

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