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Calming Bedroom Render Embodies Feng Shui Basics for Ultimate Zen

Calming Bedroom Render Embodies Feng Shui Basics for Ultimate Zen

Do you know the correct feng shui bed placement?

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on September 13th 2018
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Between color schemes, bedding options and drapery, it can be easy to lose sight of functionality when designing a bedroom. Sure, your sleep sanctuary may look aesthetically beautiful, but is it actually a good place for a restful sleep? If your answer is a resounding no then you’re going to want to listen up for we have just the thing to remedy that. Ahead, discover how our render of the week optimizes the correct feng shui bed placement and other feng shui basics to create the ultimate calming bedroom.

Bright bedroom render optimizes the correct feng shui bed placement to ensure a good night's sleep | NONAGON.style

The Correct Feng Shui Bed Placement

When it comes to the bedroom, experts agree that the correct feng shui bed placement is the single most important principle to consider.


Notice how the bed in this Madeleine Blanchfield-inspired render is placed as far away from the entrance as possible whilst also avoiding alignment with the en-suite doors? This is important for two reasons. Firstly, in traditional Chinese culture, lying with your feet pointed towards a door closely resembles being in a coffin. As such, it’s considered bad chi to position your bed in this manner. Secondly, feng shui holds that entry doors are energy connectors, pulling energies from one area of the home to another. Close proximity to the entrance means your energy will be constantly pulled at night, resulting in a fitful sleep.


Bedroom Art

In feng shui, images carry powerful energy, which means any art should be chosen with great care. The general rule of thumb is to choose artwork which radiates positivity and joy. As with vision boards, opt for images of moments that you want to see happening in your life. Here for instance, an uplifting depiction of birds in flight represents freedom and happiness.


Mirror Mirror

Aesthetically speaking, mirrors are the heroes of the design world. Indeed, their ability to maximize the amount of light in a room is beloved by designers the world over. However, in feng shui, mirrors take on a less celebrated role. The problem with mirrors is that they are believed to bounce energy around a room, which may result in restlessness. What’s more, if you are able to see yourself in a mirror when lying in a bed, this is thought to affect your subconscious, which in turn will affect the quality of your sleep. While the mirror of the en-suite is a prominent feature in this render, a sleek sliding door and drapery offer options for covering this problematic decorative accent.

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