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This Is How to Make an Industrial Aesthetic Feel Warm and Welcoming

This Is How to Make an Industrial Aesthetic Feel Warm and Welcoming

A lesson in cozy industrial design

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on July 12th 2018
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For fans of the urban look, monochrome and concrete are the perfect partners in crime for their preferred industrial aesthetic. But what if that warehouse-like shell was not your choice, and you actually prefer something a little cozier? In this week’s render delivered to us by, we’re getting a lesson in how to make an industrial aesthetic feel warm and welcoming. Keep reading for more.

Can the Industrial Aesthetic Be Cozy?

When it comes to creating a warm and welcoming home, concrete walls and a monochrome color palette are perhaps not the first things to come to mind. But rest assured, with the help of a few clever design accents, you’ll be on your way to creating a cozy hideaway in no time.

Cozy Industrial Design: Elegant living room with gray accents and greenery |

Wood Accents

To counteract the stark synthetic look of concrete, you’re going to want to take a cue from nature to help balance things out. That’s where the wood accent comes in handy. Woods come in an array of warm pine, walnut and chocolate tones which will help to visually brighten the space. Whether you opt for a rustic bench or an oversized decorative bowl, you should be able to see and feel the difference straight away.


Go Green

Sticking with the nature theme, notice all the floral and greenery details in this living space? Plants of all kind are a great way to bring life to a space. They make a home feel loved and cared for, and by extension, any guests you have over will feel this way too. For maximum impact try to choose larger leafy plants, such as a Fiddle Leaf Fig or a Calathea. Plants are also a great opportunity to add color to a monochrome palette – the brighter the better.

Are you a fan of the industrial aesthetic or do you prefer something a little warmer? Let us know in the comments!


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