Transforming the Garage to Yoga Studio in Oregon Lake House |
Transforming the Garage to Yoga Studio in Oregon Lake House

Transforming the Garage to Yoga Studio in Oregon Lake House

This 1955 home sees new renovation

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on November 22nd 2018
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There’s something special about living near water, helping you feel calmer and more meditative. The perfect place for relaxation, family living and yoga. This renovation project is ‘Lake House’, a family home in Lake Oswego, Oregon. It’s a mid-century modern home was build in 1955, featuring three bedrooms and a quintessential open plan layout. With its latest renovation, led by JHL Design and Modern Organic Architecture, the home received a modern look and a casual, laid-back personality while still holding onto its original charm.

Kitchen design featuring warm wood and bar stools | Lake House, JHL Design |

“The 1980s kitchen underwent significant remodeling,” describe the designers. With a quartz countertop and open concept breakfast bar with matching stools, the kitchen is spacious and yet cozy.


The house was a huge transformation, and the main goal of the project was to open it up and connect the spaces. “We removed walls between the kitchen and dining and added a large sliding door into the exiting window wall.”

Kitchen with stacked firewood | Lake House, JHL Design |

The fireplace wall was previously covered in sheetrock. Now removed, the brick wall is a partition that visually connects the kitchen area and dining space, along with the living room on the other side.

Dining room at the Lake House, JHL Design |
Living room design featuring gorgeous timber ceilings | Lake House, JHL Design |

One of the most favorite rooms in the house is the living room, “with the restored wood-burning fireplace, oversized built-in banquette sofa and the wood screen wall leading to the upper level. All of these elements create a cozy, intimate space where the client and her children can relax and spend time.”


You can also see hints of change from the original building. “There were two additions completed in the 80s,” explained JHL Design. “One added a second floor and the other added a new garage.” As well changing the volume of the house, much of the wood paneling was covered which has now been given a new lease of life. Now, the garage has been totally transformed into a yoga studio, with additional upper windows built in “to capture the views of the Japanese maple in the yard.”

Yoga room at the Lake House, JHL Design |

With such generous bones, the home was a joy to work on, with everything going to plan in executing the project. “When you have a project that was originally well-designed” JHL Design recommend, “try and utilize the cues given by the original designer to influence new decisions and design direction. By doing this, the project design will feel cohesive when complete.”


Now featuring a bright, open plan design and more of the original timber, the home is calming and relaxing — set in the perfect surroundings making it feel warm and cozy, and cohesive.

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