Creating a Perfectly Cozy Family Garden |
Creating a Perfectly Cozy Family Garden

Creating a Perfectly Cozy Family Garden

Create a relaxing backyard that's perfect for the family

Written by –
Jessie Hogarth
on August 9th 2018
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Those who have a garden are truly lucky. A garden can be your personal getaway space, far away from the noise and buzz of the outside world. A back yard gives you more space to stretch out than an apartment balcony and you’re able to plant more veggies and fauna than you can on a rooftop garden.


To make it even more perfect for you and your family to enjoy it, there are certain thing which shouldn’t be forgotten, under any circumstances! Here are my tips for how to create a cozy family garden.

The deck area looks out over a stunning view in this Costa Rica home by Studio Saxe |
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Build a Cool Deck

This is the place where all the family can gather, so introduce different activity zones there. Try to build several levels, assigning each one of them a different purpose – the dining space, the relaxation space and maybe entertainment zone. If you also build a pergola, decorate it with vines and a lot of plants to give it a stunning frame. Additionally, don’t forget to provide some shade on your comfy deck by installing handy retractable shade awnings, so you don’t have to worry about sun and heat.

Get a Hammock

Enjoying a good book or a cold lemonade on a beautiful day isn’t complete if you can’t stretch out in a cozy hammock. You only need a couple of trees or support pillars, and a comfortable, decorative hammock that will add that touch of pleasant laziness to the garden.


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Outdoor day bed |
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Comfortable Seating

Summer furniture needs to look both welcoming and comfortable. Ideally, it should serve for sitting while drinking your morning coffee, but also should be big and comfortable enough for taking an afternoon nap.

Fire pit at Split Light home, Santa Monica |
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Build a Fire Pit

If it’s possible to have a fire pit in your garden, do it. Any chance you can get to gather your family around an amazing fire pit is a good one — it adds to the atmosphere, it is soothing and pretty easy to build with some sand and some bricks. You could design one in any shape that works for your garden, just make sure to put it somewhere safe!

Outdoor serving area attached to kitchen through servery windows |
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Install an Outdoor Kitchen

For real family lunches and dinners, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect solution. You would be able to grill outside as much as you like and eating outdoors could become an everyday tradition. You’ll need one countertop for food preparation, a simple grill, a small refrigerator and a sink. Alternatively consider creating a servery window hatch for your kitchen so it looks out onto the garden and makes it easy to serve up a treat while still keeping an eye on the kids.

Use Tree Stumps Creatively

Don’t get rid of the tree stumps around the garden if you have them. Instead, include them in the design as a decoration – plant some flowers inside or paint the stumps with glow in the dark acrylics – you’ll get a beautiful addition to the atmosphere in the evening.

Bird feeders bring critters to your garden |

Use Birdfeeders

Not a lot of things are so calming than listening to nearby birds chirping. By adding a couple of birdfeeders around the garden, you will attract the birds and listen to their beautiful sounds every day. There are various kinds of feeders, in different styles, shapes and sizes, depending on where you want them.


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Create Privacy

Even the best gardens on Instagram agree, there needs to be a sense of enclosure and privacy in order for your garden to be a true oasis. Garden walls and fences will provide privacy for the patio, but pergolas and landscaping can also be used to protect yourself from the prying eyes.

Swinging chair hanging in garden |

A Tree Swing

A tree swing is one of the strongest symbols of carefree fun and pure enjoyment. It will bring a smile to both your kids’ faces and yours. Choose a strong branch and a thick rope. It’s up to you whether to use an old tire or a traditional tree swing with a wooden board, or go for a luxury version.


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Outdoor Lighting

If you have an outdoor kitchen, provide good outdoor lighting over the kitchen area. For the dining area, include candlelight and dimmable electric lamps for a relaxing ambiance. You can also highlight the landscape with solar-powered lights or low-voltage lights.


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Consider a She Shed

If you’re looking for a safe place to store your teenagers to keep your house clear, or alternatively a quiet studio area for yourself, have you considered the she shed? Rather than filled with tools and garden gnomes consider modernizing your shed at the end of the garden by fitting it with an armchair, a crafting station, or whatever you need for your perfect home office.

The dog is part of the family |

Don’t Forget Your Pet

Pets are a part of the family, so it’s important you consider their needs, too, when designing a perfect garden for everybody.


Harmful Plants

There are certain plants that may look beautiful, but are potentially dangerous for your pet. Some plants can cause diarrhea, vomiting, breathing problems, loss of appetite or even death. When you are deciding which plants to grow, think about omitting the most notorious ones, including lilies, azaleas, daffodils and black walnuts.


Hot Weather Protection

A dog pond is an inevitable water feature that will add charm to the garden. Moreover, it will provide a cooling dip for your doggy during periods of hot weather. It’s important for the entrance to be shallow enough so that your pet can easily get in and out. Find a plastic pond shell of an appropriate size, and use a pump and flexible tubing for the fountain. In order to be sure that your pet will always be hydrated during hot days, you should also put an auto-fill water bowl for the pet somewhere in the garden. Additionally, you could set up a wobble sprinkler so your pet can play and cool off. Plus, your lawn will stay perfectly hydrated, as well. 


Meaningful Paths

Creating paths is another way of making the yard more beautiful, but also add to your pet’s enjoyment – dogs are known for having their usual path to follow. Every breed has its own preferable route that you should identify and create a path following it. If you have a guarding dog, it likes to patrol the perimeter. On the other hand, herding breeds like moving in circles. The path you will make can be just grass, but it would be much more attractive for the whole garden to use materials that are nice and comfortable for the pet. These materials include brick, flagstone and pebbles.

The more of these elements you add to your garden, I’m sure the more enjoyment you will feel spending time in it. Design your perfect garden step by step, change it, modify it and add your own ideas — after all, it is your perfect cozy family garden.


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