Crown Heights Brownstone Received Modern Makeover with Seamless Flow |
Crown Heights Brownstone Received Modern Makeover with Seamless Flow

Crown Heights Brownstone Received Modern Makeover with Seamless Flow

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Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on April 23rd 2019
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Crown Heights Brownstone

Francis Dzikowski/OTTO via V2com

The Crown Height Brownstone in Brooklyn, New York received a modern, seamless makeover with BFDO Architects at the helm, playing with a mixture of custom and budget-friendly fixtures throughout to make the house look spacious, livable, and welcoming. Aside from having plenty of space, the contemporary interior was translated to offer seamless functionality from front to back, and from exterior to interior. Keep scrolling to see more.

Entry vestibule lined in orange-yellow tiles with the original inner door rehung and painted a deep gray |


To make sure the project was completed within budget, the design team sourced inexpensive IKEA boxes for all the millwork in the kitchen and the den.

Ikea boxes with site-fabricated gray and white painted doors comprise the kitchen and bar |

In the kitchen, site-fabricated gray and white painted doors intertwined with updated IKEA walnut cabinets makes for a vivid and graphic composition.

IKEA cabinets used in the living room with walnut cabinetry mixed throughout for a custom, built-in feel |

Throughout the den, we can see the same built-in boxes are fabricated to line up the side wall alongside the walnut cabinetry.

Window is the Key

The original leaded glass cabinetry doors are mounted on new cabinet boxes to flank the gas fireplace in the parlor |

Towards the parlor, a striking sight to behold is the impressive windows, which allow for abundant natural light streaming into the main living space. The original leaded glass cabinetry was repurposed to be mounted on new cabinets on either side of the fireplace in replacement of the old surround millwork in the parlor.

Windowed back wall overlooks a lush garden and is lit overhead by a large skylight |

Another particular highlight of the house are the huge windows along the back wall, and the large skylight overhead, with both offering exceptional views onto a lush back yard.

Widended stairwell on the second floor to allow light from skylight to filter down |

Up on the second floor, the stairwell cutout is opened up to let more natural light pour in the interior space from the large sculptural skylight.

A beautiful staircase and parquet floors on the first floor |

Chromatic Space

Entry vestibule lined in orange-yellow tiles with the original inner door rehung and painted a deep gray |

The entryway straight into the open plan living room welcomes you with saturated color treatments boasting bright yellow tiles from Brothers Cement Tile on the bottom in stark contrast to dark gray walls above, with the original inner door painted a deep gray to match and rehung.

Entryway with bright yellow tiles on the bottom and contrasting dark gray walls above |
Sky-blue wall-ceiling treatment provides a backdrop for the table and conceals the powder room |

I particularly adore the dreamy sky-blue accent wall balanced against the warm tones of the wooden dining table while also fronts the Calico wallpaper-lined powder room concealed inside for an intimate setting.

The custom L-shaped blue and walnut bookshelf and desk in the study frames a view to the street.

The L-shaped home office on the second floor clad in deep blue wall paint complements nicely with the walnut bookshelf, creating a harmonious balance between serenity and vibrancy. Besides, the study functions as a self-contained loft perfect for reading, and frames a special view towards the street thanks to the narrow window frame.

Mix and Match

Master bathroom featuring a gray stone slab, waterworks fixtures, and a walnut vanity along with the subway wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles |

Mix and match designs are a relatively inexpensive way to make an impact on home decor. When it comes to mixing and matching, the material is always the first thing that comes to mind.


The key to mixing materials successfully is incorporating multiple textures by coordinating styles that still ensures the room a cohesive look. With this sentiment in mind, the design team mixed inexpensive subway wall tiles with high-end gray-veined marble stone slab when devising the master bathroom.

Powder room featuring Calico Wallpaper’s bold night pattern |

The powder room situated right behind the dining room featuring Calico Wallpaper’s bold Night pattern provides visual interest for the tiny space. In doing so, a grounded yet sleek vibe is achieved by custom-mixing the stylish bright shade of the wallpaper with the plain wooden flooring.

All in all, to keep the space clean, modern, and seamless is the key principle employed in the design process so as to accentuate a holistic sense of flow, in which wall coverings, statement pieces and accessories are well-designed in a suitable combination of materials, together with chromatic paint the details add a touch of vivacity that I love!


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