From 10's to 20's - A Decade of Colorful Living (II) |
From 10’s to 20’s – A Decade of Colorful Living (II)

From 10’s to 20’s – A Decade of Colorful Living (II)

If only we could conclude our decade in colors other than world! Let's take a stroll down the colorful memory lane!

Written by –
Marcella Wong
on December 30th 2019
Marcella believes that one should always live life with mindfulness. Being able to notice aesthetics around is her gift and also her hobby.
You would find Marcella at her best either sourcing for interior design or home decor products, or in the kitchen exploring her gourmet paradise.

Previously we had gone through the Pantone journey from 2010 to 2014, now we have part two for 2015 to 2019!


Let’s take a look at how our decade has been summed up in colorful portraits.

Color of the Year for 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity

With the up and rising trend for well-being and mindful living, it was a pioneering act by Pantone to announce TWO colors to represent the year’s trend and outlook.


pantone color 2016 rose quartz and serenity homedecor interior design

Rose Quartz and Serenity is the perfect combo in bringing a sense of balance and softness to consumer’s life. With the two colors work together side by side, the sweetness and warm hue of Rose Quartz and the quiet and tranquil Serenity, they seamlessly introduced how colors can be one of the most powerful therapeutic practice anyone could adopt.

Debra Folz 06 Debra Folz
Meissen MEISSEN 2

From interior design and home decor point of view, having two stunning colors to choose from is an absolute advantage! The versatility of both colors makes them a very friendly interior design color scheme, it is definitely the colors that would show your trendiness in 2016 and yet would last many many more.

Plato Design 12 Color Cromia Wall Lamp | SHOP

Pastel tones has been finally given its impeccable status in this decade. Deisgners have still been using this color in many of their production and home decor designs!


Color of the Year for 2011: Greenery

In the modern world of turmoil and competitions, we all wished for a fresh start and seek reassurance from nature in order to understand the importance of self. The key point to this tone is to capture the beauty of nature and reconnect our lives with the origin of life.

pantone color 2017 greenery homedecor interior design 2

Greenery is known to be a natural healing color, scientists have always suggested looking at greeneries after a long while of staring into the computer screen. It is no surprise that the color that resembles life and a fresh start would be a great vision upon 2017, given ALOT happened during 2016, as everybody would know what I mean.

pantone color 2017 greenery homedecor interior design 4
Kinnarps kinnarps6
01 ELM01
ilsangisang SOULeaf wallart | SHOP

Greenery might be one of the most accessible Pantone color for home, as it can totally be done by putting the OG of Greenery – Plantations in your house!. Not only it keeps your interior game strong, but it also brings positivity and actual benefit to the air in your house or living space! With Greenery in corners or parts of your home, you would always feel energized and ready for a new beginning every morning!

Color of the Year for 2018: Ultra Violet

With the advancement in technology and science, what was considered sci-fi would be all possible nowadays. 

pantone color 2018 ultraviolet homedecor interior design 2

Ultra Violet stands for the courage to explore and discover the unknowns by taking the provocative actions in merging our usual daily lives with a hint of futuristic touch. The color resonates with the grand universe bearing thousands of stars and planets. The blue-based- purple tone takes a warm coat into the supposedly cold color.

Nilufar Nilufar mdw180415 mdw15 1504 558 hr

Ultra Violet might be considered an intermediate colour for interior design and home decor, due to the fact it is a very distinct tone that is not organic. That is also why is it a great accent colour with subtleness for those who would like to play a wild card with their living space decoration while would like things to be mild.

Home Decor Trends 2018: Lavender living room with teal and violet accents |
image source
Moser Moser amb40217 AMB17 D1 1465 hr

Color of the Year for 2019: Living Coral

Finally it comes down to the year we are now at (with just one day to spare), marking the end of a decade again. To remind us the importance of feel at ease and be ready for a new start while stay delighted.


pantone color 2019 living coral homedecor interior design 2

It has been a crazy decade, in terms of society, economical changes. Living Coral marks the importance for light-heartedness. It possessed the calmness of Rose Quartz and Serenity from 2016, the nature reference from Greenery of 2017, the inorganic daring sharpness of Ultra Violet of 2018. It is a beautiful wrap up in terms of aesthetic and colors for us all in hindsight.

pantone color 2019 living coral homedecor interior design 3

It is a very mellow yet brightening tone to be adopted to the environment of living spaces, it would be perfect for areas with sunlight exposure. 

Crosley Crosley coral

So, What about the year ahead of us? Aren’t we excited about the 2020 color of the year – Classic Blue?

Looks like the we are back at it again with our good old pal – the blue color that bears the meaning of loyalty, faith and confident.

Stay tuned and we will shine light on the future after reflecting our gracious and stunning decade!

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