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Heads Up: This Old-World Design Trend Is Making a Comeback

Heads Up: This Old-World Design Trend Is Making a Comeback

Oriental rugs are back

Cissy Wang
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Cissy Wang
on May 3rd 2019
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As artworks in their own right harking back to antiquity, Oriental rugs have long been an interior design staple. Balancing sophistication and personality in equal measure, designers of the past sought them out for their wild colors and intricate patterns. And now they’re making a comeback. Keep scrolling to find out more.

“The soul of the apartment is the carpet.” — Edgar Allan Poe, American writer


Oriental Rugs: Contemporary room with antique Oriental rug and intricate white panel wall | NONAGON.style
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What Are Oriental Rugs?

It’s important to note that Oriental rugs and Persian rugs are oftentimes used interchangeably. Both named by their point of origin, Persian rugs specifically refer to rugs handmade in Iran, whilst Oriental rugs are hand-knotted pieces from other ‘rug-making’ areas of Asia (e.g. Turkey, India and Afghanistan). As such, Oriental rugs can also refer to Persian rugs, but not the other way around.

Oriental Rugs: Pazyryk is the world's first handmade Oriental carpet | NONAGON.style
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Genuine Oriental rugs are hard to procure nowadays. This is largely due to their costly price and rigid maintenance requirements. Handmade by some of the best artisans in the world, the cultural richness and versatility of genuine Oriental rugs are self-evident when compared to the abundance of machine-made products on the market at present. Nevertheless, these “Oriental-style” carpets commonplace in design stores are still a good alternative for those on a budget.

Home Styling Ideas for Oriental Rugs

Modern Mix

For optimum cool, mix up modern styling with a sophisticated Oriental rug.

Oriental Rugs: A brightly colored Oriental rug counterbalances the austere white backdrop in a contemporary living room | NONAGON.style
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In this contemporary living room,  the colorful pattern of an Oriental rug provides a nice counterbalance to the darker furnishings. The juxtaposition of this austere white backdrop and the rug’s bold and playful color palette enlivens this cozy space.

Use as Runners

Oriental rugs in long and narrow shapes can function as runners in the corridor to add depth and a sense of order.

Oriental Rugs: Patterned runner in a rustic minimalist hallway with plant details | NONAGON.style
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I love how this Oriental rug shines as a centerpiece in an otherwise overlooked area. When choosing a runner, make sure your rug is approximately four inches narrower and 18-24 inches longer than the dimensions of your hallway.

Go Monochramatic

For something a little more subtle, Oriental rugs in monochromatic styles exude pared-back elegance.

Oriental Rugs: Modern classical living room with neutral Oriental rug and fireplace accent | NONAGON.style
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Here, neutral tones complement the traditional modern classical aesthetic. Pick out rugs in timeless shades and patterns to create visual warmth underfoot.


How about layering one Oriental rug atop another in a patchwork style to achieve an intriguing play on depth?

Oriental Rugs: Boho-eclectic room with layered Oriental rugs and white brick wall | NONAGON.style
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In this white bricked room with cactus accent, these layered rugs act as a striking focal point, infusing this space with a boho-eclectic vibe. Just make sure the edges overlap for a cohesive look. Pro tip: when hunting for the perfect combination, remember to keep the scale of colors and patterns consistent so that the final look favors polish over chaos.

What do you love about Oriental rugs? Share with us in the comments below!


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