This Is How Delirium Decor Owner Styles Her Bohemian Home |
This Is How Delirium Decor Owner Styles Her Bohemian Home

This Is How Delirium Decor Owner Styles Her Bohemian Home

Etsy store owner Dilya Bayramov tours us around her amazing space

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on February 17th 2017
Hygge is home for Vanessa. If you're wondering how she likes to keep her house, think tidy and uncluttered. She even has a personal Pinterest board featuring only white colored homes, appealing to her minimal design aesthetic.

She Who Delights the Heart


It’s a treat to see how makers and designers style their own home interiors. Today we have a home tour from Dila Bayramov, an interior designer and the owner of Etsy store Delirium Decor. She wants to show us around her home, to share some of her favorite bits and pieces, and talk about how she became fascinated with the world of home decor.

Bohemian living room with plenty of plants |

Tell us about yourself!


Hi, I’m Dila Bayramov, a Jerusalem-based interior designer and the owner of Delirium Decor. Me and my partner Oren live with a pair of Himalayan cats, Bill and Monica, in a one bedroom rental apartment very close to the Jerusalem Forest. I am originally from the South Caucasus. Jerusalem is much like the city I come from, Derbent. Both of them are ancient cities with a diverse population and culture.


I’m a mid-century furniture lover, a crafty upcycler who enjoys making art out of wool, cotton and zpagetti (t-shirt yarn), and using vintage and handmade fabric from Asia and Africa along with antique Caucasian rugs to create pillows.

Bohemian living room with planters |

Tell us about each room, what you love about it, why you decorated it this way.

First of all, the moment I saw this apartment, it was completely empty. I just fell in love with its large windows and high ceilings. For me, it was like a plain canvas. It took several years until the styling became more crystallized and it has more of the homey feeling that characterizes it today.

Bohemian style - Living room planters |
Hanging plants and small succulents with dinosaur figurine |
Small succulents by the window sill - Bohemian home tour |
Art wall decor and antique Caucasian rug - Bohemian home tour |

Dila: The art wall in the living room consists entirely of photography and paintings by our talented friends. We are surrounded by creative people who succeed in their fields. The grey, masculine wall, which I call the photogenic wall, became the background for an ethnic corner: the antique Caucasian rug, an ottoman sewn by me from Thai Hmong fabric, a vintage Moroccan table and a large mirror in an old gold frame that I found on the street – it really enlarges the space.

Vintage Moroccan table |

Dila: My favorite item here is the antique rug, a gift from my grandma, rich in symbols and warm colors and gives me a feeling of home.

Antique rug and bohemian decor |
Vintage record player - Bohemian home tour |
Patterned cushion covers on leather sofa - Bohemian home tour |

Dila: I am all for renovation and repair of old furniture and giving it new life! All the living room furniture is dear to my heart, because I restored it all and gave each piece a special place in the room. The cushions are made from handmade fabrics and antique rugs, gathered from all over the world (Africa, Thailand, India and Caucasus). I am a devout fan of Danish furniture from the 60’s, so this style also dominates the design of the living room.

Wooden boards as wall decor - Bohemian home tour |
Wooden boards and kitchenware - Bohemian home tour |
Blue bedroom with macrame decor |

Dila: [In the bedroom] I felt the need for changes and renovation. Lately the longest wall in the room was painted in deep blue – kind of a daring design for a rental apartment. I decorated this wall with some macramé I created by myself for the first time, so it does not look perfect, but still adds a warm touch to the indigo wall.


The black metal bed is the only new item in the whole house, a gift from my mom, and fits perfectly in the room. I admire linen sheets because of the quality of the fabric and its pleasant touch.

Blue bedroom with elephant lamp on bedside table |

How did you get into DIY decor?

After I moved to my first rental apartment, I tried to save on a budget and it was really a challenge. So, I started to decorate my nest all by myself, trying to use the things that I already had and to recreate them for my purposes. From there my home styling design path began professionally. While I have a BA in Art History from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, I’ve always had a passion for design, so it was only a matter of time before I decided to study interior design and home styling. I opened a small business for refurbishing vintage furniture and called it Delirium Decor – for my obsession for home decor and home styling and because it contains three letters of my full first name Dilara. It has Persian roots and comes from the Persian word Del, meaning heart. In Persian “ara” is a suffix that means something used as ornament to beautify. It can be translated as “she who delights the heart”.


Soon after that I was asked to do a DIY column for two well-known Israeli online magazines, “Walla Home” and “Nisha”. The main goal of these tutorials is to create stuff by recycling and reusing things. My home decor was published on Design Sponge and Domino Magazine. Other contributions were on the Etsy Blog. I was chosen as one of a select group of Instagram users who have been featured in “Your Rooms We Love” 2016, a Dwell Magazine special print issue devoted to readers’ homes.

Blue bedroom with elephant lamp on bedside table |

What was one of the first things you crocheted?

A little simple basket, I made at a short workshop I took with my friend. I was proud of myself and I thought then that it would be the most complicated thing I would ever make. But then crochet became addictive!

Blue bedroom walls and boho patterned cushion covers |

How often do you crochet or sew?

That depends, usually I’m crocheting while we are watching a movie, and for the sewing I have a couple of hours in a day. As it is not my full time job, it can be a really meditative and calming thing to do. I really love it and I’m constantly thinking about the next project and design of the product. Regarding the balance between sewing/crocheting and the store admin, I have some rules: set deadlines for yourself and weekends are for resting.

Patterned cushion covers in the bedroom |

What are some of your favorite colors? What are essentials to you, for a home?

My current loves are indigo and gray. Luckily enough, our landlords gave me the freedom to design the apartment as I wish. So each room has one accent “masculine” wall: basic gray for the living room, and calm indigo for the bedroom. It really helped me to arrange the decor using 3-4 “feminine” color pallets that combine with these two colors.

Bohemian bedroom decor |
Eclectic mirrors on a blue bedroom wall |

Dila: I’ve always liked the combination of gold with blue, stemming from my love of Russian Czarist era pottery: so I added a set of gold framed petite mirrors.

Blue and red patterned carpet |
Yellow velvet phone bench and dresser |

Dila: Even in the bedroom most of the furniture I have reupholstered myself. For example, the yellow velvet phone bench and a dresser I got from my grandma. I painted it a neutral gray and added cream ceramic knobs with elements of gold.

Storage baskets in a bohemian home |
Storage baskets for knitting supplies |

How would you describe your home interiors?

It’s a symbiosis between ethnic, bohemian and mid-century minimalism: the style I grew up with – the atmosphere, roots, diverse culture, and ethnicity on the one hand, and the connection to the modern on the other hand. And here I am trying to continue to balance these without giving in to trends and templates.

Metal storage basket |

How much of a reflection is the store on your personal style do you think?

As you’ve already seen, almost every item at home is made by me, including the pillows. So the style in the store definitely reflects me – my roots, background and personal style. And even my clients (outside of Etsy), who are hiring me to decorate their homes, most likely have the same taste as mine. So it’s a win-win situation.

White rocking chair on the balcony |

Dila: The house is sprinkled throughout with plants of various sizes, which adds a lot of warmth and vitality. There is a screened balcony off the bedroom (which is also my work area), that serves as a kind nursery for plants – it is a pleasure to work there surrounded by rich vegetation and beautiful light coming from the large windows.

Plants on the balcony |

Was there anything difficult or were there any challenges putting your home together?

Colors are my deal breaker and my attitude towards colors has evolved. Over the years, I have begun to understand and worry less about color combinations, and I’m starting to use more colors. I connect my decor choices to the colors of the rugs – I’m always trying to deconstruct 3-4 main colors from each of them and use them in my home design. The other challenge is my love of textiles and rugs, but they require daily cleaning, so never a dull moment there!

What do you think? How would you design your home? Let us know in the comments below.


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