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How to Design Your Dream Game Room

How to Design Your Dream Game Room

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Written by –
Mark Cop
on November 29th 2017
Mark is a foosball player who has a blog about foosball he called the Foosball Zone. He adores writing about foosball and he wants to share his insight through how-to foosball articles on his blog.

A Space For Family Time

Designing a game room isn’t as simple as it first appears. It’s where the whole family spends their free time, and that means there are a lot of demands. It is a place for you, your family and your companions so it must be planned appropriately, especially if you will also need to fit lots of people inside for birthday parties and big gatherings.

Plan It

The primary issue with rooms like this, is that you have to put so many things in, which can be tricky. To avoid any complications after a game room is done, really think about the final look before furnishing. What are the things you have to know or mustn’t skip? In this post, I will teach you every essential part you need to design your room properly.

Jurassic Park themed rec space |
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Measure the room

No matter if you are designing a game room, the entire house or a garage, you have to know how much space you have to play with. Designing a room without measuring it is like baking a cake without a recipe. It can turn out amazing, but most of the time it is not edible.


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Game rooms are filled with furniture because every family member has their favorite game. The basic furniture in a game room is a couch or sofa, coffee table, TV, game tables, storage systems, cabinets for games and so on.


As you can see, most of the furniture is pretty big and you have to find a place for every bit. When you measure the room, make a layout and you can fit everything on paper first. When you are satisfied with the design, start turning it into reality.

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Pool table in London penthouse apartment |

Organize the room

Like I already mentioned, it is a room for the entire family, which means that every corner should have a theme. For young children you can make the kid’s corner, where they can play with toys. It is also good to have a video game corner. Consider a game table corner.

Pool table with a ping pong table overlay |
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Save Space

To save space in the video game corner, mount the TV on the wall and use tall shelves as storage. If you want to save space in the game table’s corner, pick a foosball table. They are a smaller kind of games table compared to a pool table or air hockey table. Another trick you could use is to find foosball table models which have cup holders, which means you don’t need an extra table for drinks.


If you plan to have a bar, don’t forget to include bar stools. I recommend you put the bar in the corner of a room, where it will look better and take up less space.

Styling the bar and the games room stylishly |
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Choose a proper lighting system

Maybe you are thinking, why can’t I just put two ceiling lamps and be done with it? Well, I will tell you why. If you have a video game corner and one ceiling lamp right in front of the TV you will see the lamp’s reflection on the screen and that is not something you want. Use small table lamps in that area so it won’t be too bright and you won’t have a reflection.


Also, when you are playing foosball you want to have a clear view of the field, right? Well if you put the lamp to the side there is a big chance you will make a shadow that will be on the table. That is the reason why every foosball table has to have a lamp above the field.

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Decorate the room

This is the last step to finishing the game room of your dreams. By decorating the room you will leave a stamp with your style on it so it is best to use something that describes you best. It can be a poster of your favorite movie or band, a photo of your favorite sport or team or some memorabilia you got a long time ago. The only rule you should follow is to not to overdo it.


After a long process of designing a game room, you will be able to enjoy it with all your family and friends which will show you that every step was worth the struggle.

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