How to Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger |
How to Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger

How to Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger

And five other design tips you might have missed this month

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on November 25th 2017
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Is it just us or is the hallway one of the most difficult rooms to style? There’s just something about its long, narrow shape which can make it feel so small, claustrophobic and ‘unspirational’. Luckily for you, we have a clever way of getting around this design headache. Read on for this and five more design tips you might have missed this month.

Design Tip #1

Make a Hallway Feel Larger With Glass Balustrades

How to Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger | Design Tips: Bright hallway with wood and glass balustrade staircase |
image source

Perhaps the biggest problem with the humble hallway is that it can often feel small and claustrophobic, leading to its neglect in many otherwise perfectly styled homes. One simple way to get around this is to opt for glass balustrades along your staircase. In this Quebec lakehouse you can see how glass can amplify the amount of natural light in a small area, giving an exaggerated impression of space. All at once the hallway becomes a light-filled open dream, and a worthy contender for our favorite room in the whole house.


Design Tip #2

Mix and Match Styles for a Modern Take on Rustic Beams

How to Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger | Design Tips: Mid-century modern meets Scandi-cool living room with wood beams and blue chairs |
image source

Think timber beams are only for rustic country cottages and idyllic rural farmhouses? Well this Austin bungalow is about to make you think twice. By juxtaposing typically rustic beams with a mid-century modern meets Scandi-cool aesthetic, this charmingly cheerful home exudes the kind of contemporary cool that defines #housegoals. We also love the addition of clerestory windows which work to open up the space, bringing with it an abundance of warmth and natural light.


Design Tip #3

Warm Your Home with a Ceiling Fan

How to Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger | Design Tips: Contemporary gray and pink bedroom with ceiling fan |
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Did you know that your ceiling fan can be used to keep your house warm? In its natural setting, the ceiling fan typically spins counter-clockwise, moving cold air downwards and thus cooling a room. For a ceiling fan to warm a room, you want it to spin in the opposite direction (most fans have switch for this very purpose). In doing so the fan will create an updraft, pushing the warm air gathered near the ceiling back into your living space. Genius.  For more clever tips to keep your house warm without bumping up the thermostat, make sure to check out our handy guide.


Design Tip #4

Create Seamless Lines with Sliding Doors

How to Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger | Design Tips: White minimalist entryway with sliding glass doors |
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This month on, we’ve featured a number of beautifully modern interiors that have got us to thinking how we can mimic that very same aesthetic in our own homes. Enter the Sticks and Stones House, which features glass doors that slide away into stone walls for an overall sleek and streamlined architectural form. Sliding doors are also a great way to introduce that open-plan living feel into your home, whilst still providing options for privacy.



Design Tip #5

For a Modern Take on Wood Panel Walls, Go Wide

How to Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger | Design Tips: Modern living space with wood panel walls and mid-century modern aesthetic |
image source

Do you love the warmth and depth of wood paneled walls but hate its weird 70s associations? For a modern take on wood paneled walls, simply go wide. Super wide wood panels offer a sleeker, more streamlined take on wood paneling  – perfect for contemporary interiors which don’t necessarily want to go down the stark white minimalist route. Don’t forget to check out this article for more tips on making wood panel walls look modern.

Design Tip #6


Bring the Outdoors In with a Vertical Planter Wall

How to Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger | Design Tips: Vertical planter wall |
image source

Here on we talk a lot about the virtues of indoor-outdoor living, but what about if you don’t have any outdoor space to make use of? Well let us introduce you to the vertical planter wall – an indoor statement wall of sorts, dedicated to all things green. In our round up of vertical planter wall inspirations, we show you six easy ways to bring the outdoors in – all you need is a wall!

What have been your favorite design tips this month? Let us know in the comments.


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