Design Tips You Might Have Missed This Month |
Design Tips You Might Have Missed This Month

Design Tips You Might Have Missed This Month

What did you miss this month?

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on October 31st 2017
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So that’s another month torn off the calendar, and with it we inch ever closer to the end of yet another year. This month the team have rejoiced in indulging in all things ghoulish, with no-carve pumpkin tutorials, and stylishly scary party decor DIY’s. We’ve also had fun educating ourselves on common home decor quandaries, including how to break up an open-plan space, and whether or not ceramic floor tiles are suitable for our kitchens. Along the way we have, of course, collected some pretty handy home design tips to help you transform your abode. Read on to find out more.

Design Tip #1

Forget marble counters, opt for marble wall tiles to really make a splash in the bathroom.

Design Tips: Beautiful modern bathroom with marble wall tiles |

We love how the marble wall tiles in this bathroom add an unexpected twist to the classically luxe bathroom. Bonus points for the chic copper accents and exposed plumbing in lieu of clumsy cabinets. For more unique tile ideas that’ll have your bathroom standing out from the crowd, check out the full article here.

Design Tip #2

Soften concrete walls with warming wood accents.

Design Tips: Mid-century modern meets industrial concrete walls in a laid-back Californian home |

With its impressive curves and bold mid-century modern meets laid back surf vibe, this Eichler-inspired California home is full of surprises; one of which being how the designers have used warming wood accents to soften concrete walls, ensuring this living room doesn’t stray into industrial loft territory.

Design Tip #3

Create a cat-friendly home by observing your furry friend’s natural behavior.

Design Tips: Cat-friendly home |

Calling all cat-owners! Earlier this month we sat down with cat-friendly furniture designer, Rosly Mok, who proves that it really is possible to have a stylish and pet-friendly home. Her top-tip for making sure your home is up to scratch? Design with your cat’s natural behaviors in mind. So your cat likes to scratch your sofa? Place a scratching post beside it to ensure your beloved Chesterfield doesn’t get ruined! For more ways to make your home cat-friendly make sure to check out our video.

Design Tip #4

Opt for matching monochrome walls and doors to achieve an overall sleek aesthetic.

Design Tips: Elegant hallway with monochromatic blue walls and doors |

Blending creativity and timelessness, it’s hard to believe that this vibrant Parisian abode was once a bland white apartment. We love how the monochrome teal blue conceals the doors in the hallway; paired with design details in contrasting lighter shades, the result is a sleek aesthetic that appears to elongate the space.


Design Tip #5

Turn clutter into eclectic chic by keeping within the same color palette.

Design Tips: Mismatched eclectic hallway in a neutral color palette |

When designing an eclectic home full of mismatched and quirky design details, it can be difficult to strike the balance between artful assortment and just plain clutter. Luckily for you, we’ve figured out how to walk this precariously fine line, with a little help from this colorful Stuttgart home. The key is to go as crazy as you want whilst sticking to a defined color palette. Doing so will help to create cohesion among the melange, making the space feel like it has been styled as opposed to haphazardly thrown together.


What have been your favorite design tips this month? Let us know in the comments.


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