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The Barware Essentials You Need For a Successful Happy Hour at Home

The Barware Essentials You Need For a Successful Happy Hour at Home

Bottoms up!

Written by –
Jess Ng
on March 23rd 2019
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Just because you’re a homebody doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun of happy hour. While the baby-boomers had the Jacuzzi, the millennial’s favorite affordable home luxury is without doubt the at-home bar. Whether it’s a fully-fledged cart, an alcove or just a spare shelf, the at-home bar promises good times all round. With this in mind, I’m rounding up all the designer barware essentials you need to bring happy hour home. Keep scrolling for more.

The Bar Cart

JZ Tea Trolley

First things first, let’s begin with the bar cart. A throwback to old Hollywood glamour, it’s only right that your choice of cart should be sleek and sophisticated.

Designer Barware: Mid-century modern JZ Tea Trolley bar cart by Brazilian designer Jorge Zalszupin |
image source

Enter the JZ Tea Trolley by Brazilian designer Jorge Zalszupin. Designed in the 50s, this bar cart is what mid-century modern dreams are made of. Here, wood and oversize brass accents meet geometric form, setting the tone for a refined take on happy hour.

The Bar Stool

Deja Vu Stool

Need somewhere to perch while you sip on your drink of choice? Houtique’s Deja Vu stool brings together style and function, with a touch of flirty flair.

Designer Barware: Colorful eclectic 'Deja Vu Stool' with fringing |
image source

Jewel tones and fringe detailing exude raucous Art Deco vibes. Designed in collaboration with Masquespacio, the Deja Vu stool is perfect for bringing a touch of personality to Friyay drinks.

The Bar Accessories

Big Top Barware

Taking inspiration from the ‘fun of the circus’, Youmeus Design elevates the classic bar accessory essentials into a thing of beauty with their Big Top Barware.

Designer Barware: Youmeus 'Big Top' barware |
image source

Juggling pins, high wire acts and the all round flexibility of acrobats inform the style and form of each individual piece. This home barware collection goes beyond the functional requirement of mixing drinks.

The Cocktail Shaker

Plum Cocktail Shaker

What’s happy hour without a cocktail … or three? Cocktails are a fail safe crowd-pleaser, making the requisite cocktail shaker a barware necessity.

Designer Barware: Copper Tom Dixon cocktail shaker |
image source

Clad in a futuristic copper shell, Tom Dixon’s Plum Cocktail Shaker balances style and practicality. Tapered ends allow for a firmer grip and balanced shaking, ensuring your cocktail game is always on point. Bottoms up!

The Wine Rack

Grenache Wine System

You don’t have to be a sommelier to start your own at-home wine collection. What you do need, however, is a beautiful wine rack to store it on.

Designer Barware: Tasmanian timber Grenache Wine System |
image source

The quietly minimalist Grenache Wine System is as much of a showstopper as the wine it holds. Even when the wine has gone, it looks good as an intriguing art piece in its own right! Showcasing the very best of timeless design, this contemporary piece is made from sustainable Tasmanian oak and metal accents for strength and durability.

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